getting back to normal?

As I said the other day, I don’t feel like I’ve been myself all this year. The horrible sinus infections and other sicknesses, the head injury and concussion, the miscarriage… I just haven’t been me this year, it seems.

But now, the wedding is over so I don’t have to think about that anymore, I can even cut my hair now if I want, heh. My body seems to have fully recovered from the miscarriage now, though people are telling me I still have to take it easy. I feel okay, though.

Well, I don’t feel that great about my body in general, though. So, it’s back to the gym, starting tomorrow. Ah, I guess technically that was starting today. Earlier Elijah and I went swimming and I went ahead and got a membership on monthly debit. It turns out to be more expensive than if you paid for the whole year, of course, but it also leaves me time to cancel if I need to and not lose out on 6, 8, 10 months, or whatever. Of course, I hope not to have to cancel.

Yes, I do still have that elliptical upstairs but it’s still friggin’ hard to do! I think that the stride is too short for me maybe. I still plan on using it from time to time but I think I’d rather get in GOOD solid workouts at the gym and then supplement here at home. Of course, I also plan to take Elijah swimming more.

I just wish that the hours would line up in my favor. Meaning that I have to go work out from either 8am to 12pm or 4pm to 8pm when the Tot Drop is open. I’ve only worked out after 4 once before and I really didn’t like doing that, I prefer the morning. What I’d love to do is be able to work out and then immediately go swimming after picking him up at the Drop, but open swim doesn’t start until 1pm. Theoretically, we could go home for lunch and then go back for swimming but I know that once I get home I’m going to have a tendency to not want to leave again.

Now that I look at their website though, they apparently have something called “Lap/Therapy, Mom/TotSwim” from 10:30am to 12pm on Mondays and Fridays. So I might be able to do that on Fridays, not on Mondays most likely, though.

One thing I really became aware of today, though, is that Elijah could really use some swimming lessons. Now, neither Steve nor I ever had any swim lessons. I know that I know enough to move around well and enough to, you know, keep my head out of water and apparently enough not to drown when trapped between a tree and a large raft. But Elijah just really acts like he doesn’t trust me. He’s pretty much only happy when going around on my back, squeezing the air out of my throat, and yelling in my ear which direction I should head. So I’m not sure if swim lessons at this point would really help, because he just freaks out if I even attempt to get him to do something on his own (and I had him in a life jacket today). Maybe when he’s a bit older and can chill a bit but until then, I’m required to stay with him everywhere in the pool until he knows how to swim. So I get less exercise than I’d like in there, but it’s still fun and somewhat of a workout.

Sarah & Elijah (Not that I would just off and leave my kid alone in the pool, of course, but I can’t even leave him in the water that’s 2 inches deep — the pool starts like a beach, see photo left — and take a quick lap or ride down the slide or something, even though the life guard is literally right there.)

Well, anyway, it’s not all roses, Elijah did give me a bit of trouble in there (actually getting the whistle blown at him once) but that’s for another post. Probably one coming soon, oh, yeah. :P

But now, it’s off to bed, with the hopes of getting up early enough to get in a good work out tomorrow!