boy who moons

Unfortunately, I just made the mistake of repeating to Steve something Elijah did earlier today, in front of Elijah.

You see, Sheila was here and getting ready to leave. Elijah’s pants were falling down again and I said, “I thought those would fit him but even with that belt he can’t keep them up ’cause he has no butt!”

He had been heading to his room but turned back towards us and from behind me I hear, “I do too have a butt!”

Then Sheila yells, “OH GOSH, pull your pants up!”

The kid was standing there mooning us!

So yes, I repeated the story to Steve using words that I know Elijah doesn’t know but apparently he remembers the story so then he kept running around mooning me. Sigh. I need to learn to keep my mouth shut when he’s still up running around!

Of course, both times now I have been reminded of an incident at my brother’s graduation party in April. It was a Sunday and a bunch of us were sitting at a picnic table in the enclosed pavillion and I realized it had probably been a while since Elijah had gone to the bathroom. So I said, “hey, Boy, go in that bathroom and go pee.”

Immediately, he turned around, dropped his pants and then ran to the bathroom. It was hilarious… everyone saw it. :P