Contest Winners & a Scraplift

Wellllllllll, I only had five entries :P So, everyone wins! Just here in a bit I’ll be sending out giftcards to all entries in the songbirdavenue contest.

Here are the entries! (In the order of submission.) Great stuff, everyone :)

Michelle Buge April

Becky Anne

And thanks to my two judges Linda & Letti! Sorry for making you choose winners only to just blow on by your choices like this, lol.

And now, my scraplift using the June 2008 Songbird Avenue kit:

Scrapbook: Nick & Gina Wedding One I lifted this layout by the kit’s creator (we were supposed to choose from her gallery). I feel like such a dork that I’m the first entry, hah, but the post popped up in my reader just as I was about to do something with that photo anyway, so…. :)

What’s a scraplift? I’ve been asked this several times now, so thought I’d just clue y’all in. ;-) It’s basically when you take someone else’s layout and re-do it with your own photos, papers, elements, etc. You’re just way inspired by that layout. Sometimes, I think that it’s also when you re-do a *real* paper layout digitally. Yeah, other genres of art would consider this plagiarism… lol… but apparently digital scrapbookers don’t and those that I’ve run across even seem to love to have their stuff scraplfited! So there you have it. :)

But, anyway, I want to do a book for my sister and now brother-in-law with their wedding photos, so I guess there we have one. I will need to make changes to it for the book, though, such as removing the date (why would we want to repeat that on every page?) and probably centering the layout more. I also got this kit from Shabby Miss Jenn to use for the book since my sister’s wedding was beach themed.