nice day for a wedding

Kiss So, I did it! My first wedding as the sole official photographer and it turned out great! Yeah, not all of my shots are perfect, but out of 490, I did pretty well! At the left is my absolute favorite photo, I just love it. :)

The wedding was outdoors at a winery that’s about 48 miles from me. I was worried about a couple of things, one being the sun and the harsh light it can throw and that turned out to be a valid worry but there really wasn’t anything I could do, and I do think I can clean up some of it. Secondly, I was worried about the heat, and I was also right to worry about that. Thankfully it didn’t get as bad as I imagined it might, though.

Bride, Groom, & Guests Bride & Groom


baby sale

100 Mile Yard Sale Craziness So for the last two days now, I’ve had to brave what you see in the picture, only it’s worse than in the picture. They’ve got this 100 Mile Yard Sale going on and people all up and down the highway have yard sales. Other people keep stopping, parking on the US highway, running across the highway, and are all around being stupid. I’ve encountered more than one vehicle that was actually parked in the highway. Others aren’t pulling off the highway as much as they could, either. It’s been nuts really.

So this morning, on the way to the doctor’s office, Elijah asks me what all the people are doing and why they’re “in our way.” I tell him and he ponders it and decides that he, too, wants to go to a yard sale. Then, he sees a woman walking back to her car, carrying her baby that looked to be about 8 months old, and he got really excited.

“LOOK! They sell babies there, too!!!”

it’s that time again…

Please, everyone join me for a scream of frustration. Since it’s 1:12am, I can’t scream for real, so this will have to do.


Let’s just say that certain people who I have paid to so something that I was told would be done within 24 hours of payment still haven’t done it after a week. A. WEEK. !!! And let’s just say that because of this, a certain website of mine is really wonky and now it’s refusing to work right and it’s costing me money in areas I can’t afford. So, yay, I get to ship out an order that the cart didn’t charge for shipping, so I make pretty much no money on this one. It’s my site’s fault, so I’m not going to make the customer make up the difference. But if this continues, I’m gonna get screwed big time…


I’m going to spontaneously combust. Seriously.

Good-bye, cruel world.


tonsils, wedding photography, camera bags, wisdom teeth, eyes, and new glasses. (oh my!)

Ugh. Every time I sit down to try and write something, my mind goes utterly blank. I’m not even all up in my photo uploading either. It doesn’t help either, that my sinuses are flaring up again, turning my head to mush. So, uh, what’s new?

— Elijah’s going on week 3 or so with tonsils the size of Texas. He’s been to the doctor twice for them. He got his usual antibiotics the first time but stronger ones later. He goes in for follow-up again on Friday and I can tell you what’s gonna happen. They’re gonna schedule us for an appointment with the ENT (ear, nose, throat doctor) and he’s going to end up getting his tonsils out. He says his throat doesn’t hurt but he also has a hacking cough (but then again, so do I). Poor kid. First his ankyloglossia, that tooth, and now his tonsils in less than a year’s time.