some Taneycomo

Lake Taneycomo Yes, I’m finally getting around to this :) Today I want to tell you about Lake Taneycomo. The area we stayed at was pretty close to Table Rock Dam, so near Branson, MO.

Lake Taneycomo is a cold water lake, so it averages something like 48 degrees. Even in the summer, it’s pretty chilly. It didn’t always used to be that way, though, before the completion of Table Rock Dam, it was a warm water lake. But when they created that dam, it changed the source of Taneycomo to the colder underwaters. Taneycomo is an artificial lake created from the White River and it’s pretty much like a river at high water. It has a pretty strong current, for one. It was so neat, the day we were out was so clear that I could see current underneath the surface water if that makes any sense. It was nice and clean aside from some debris from a lot of rain the day before (but not trash and junk but sticks and leaves, etc). The current gets stronger yet when the dam gates are open, but they never opened them while we were there (they had to let some of the high water from the rains run off downstream before doing that, I’m sure).

how Val ended up internet dating (you suck OkCupid & HelloQuizzy)

So I’m sitting here minding my own business when an email rolls through… “Quick question: have you been happy with your experience on OkCupid? I ask because…” Um, OkCupid? I’ve NEVER signed up for an online dating site, never even surfed one except that one time we found out an “IRL” friend had a profile with Yahoo, but that’s another story.

So I click through and it doesn’t even ask me for a password and I get to my inbox and read the message. The full thing reads:

Quick question: have you been happy with your experience on OkCupid? I ask because I just noticed that you haven’t answered any match questions and you’re probably not showing up in people’s searches as much as you could be if you answered even just a few. (which you can do right here.)

Anyway, I’d love to get any feedback you might have on how we can make OkCupid better for you. It would be especially good to know if answering match questions helps you find better matches.

So I assume it’s from an admin/creator of the site and I’m left thinking two things. 1) Good, I’m glad I’m not showing up in searches and 2) Who the crap signed me up for OkCupid???

of restaurants, movies, and stupid dogs

Red So it’s been an interesting week to say the least. Went out with a friend for dinner this evening, had a good time. Nice place. Came home to an empty house which was nice, but didn’t last long enough. But that’s where the photo comes from, the restaurant’s bathroom. Silver and red. Actually pretty cool.

Spent the earlier day trying to catch up on some things and getting a little done here and a little done there. How very typical. Now I am up late, watching Duplex. Steve bailed when he saw what movie it was but I LOVE this movie. So I’m stickin’ it out!

mini-trip to Taneycomo & Branson

I don’t guess anyone noticed I was gone and we weren’t really gone all that long, just a few days, but, ya know, we got a little vacation. Actually, even though it was only three days and two nights, it felt a lot longer (and more relaxing) as Elijah stayed with Steve’s parents the whole time.

He didn’t really mind being ditched, either. We left Sunday morning and when I called Sunday night, he wouldn’t even talk to me, he said he was BUSY. Busy doing what, I don’t know, but when Grandma called him to the phone about the second or third time I heard him cry out, “I don’t wannnnnnnna! I’m BUSY!” Well, whatever, it was more funny than it was insulting, I’m ok. So much ok that I didn’t even bother to call on Monday! I just enjoyed my time away, ha. He didn’t even really want to go home when we got him Tuesday night, either. He just wants to move in with Grandpa and Grandma.