Apparently when I get frustrated, I say, “UN-believable!” A lot of stress placed on the “un” of course!

Elijah hates this, though. He hates it when I say it and often responds with a yell of “WHAT!?” or some sort of other complaint like “UGH!” But it often works and gets him motivated. So, yeah, I’ve been known to use it quite a bit.

A couple of Sundays ago, the boys were, of course, being difficult and slow in getting ready to leave for church. I was getting pretty frustrated because, you know, I hate being late! (Not to mention I have jobs to do for which I can’t be late!)

So Steve was in the bathroom shaving and I’d finally gotten Elijah dressed and I sat back in the recliner and sighed. Elijah said, “what?”

I said, “oh, nothing, just waiting for Daddy.”

He got up from the couch, leaned towards me and said, “I’ll “unbelieveable” him.”

Then he walked (with determined purpose) over to the bathroom door and yelled, “Daddy!! UN-BELIEVABLE!!!”

His job finished, he went and sat back on the couch.

Crazy kid.

getting political

I’m not going to talk (except maybe for a few comments here and there), I just want to post some videos my friend sent me. If you disagree, that’s fine. I’m not here to argue. I disagree with a lot of my friends on stuff and that doesn’t change how I feel about them [my friends]. There are just some issues I feel strongly about.

CHIMPS! I’m working with CHIMPS!
And Michelle is apparently the biggest one of all. WTH

crash course in geocaching

lol, we, or rather, Sarah, found something fun the other day!

We went out to Pickle Springs Natural Area like we try to do at least once every year though it’s been two years since we were last there. It’s really a nice place. It’s a two mile trail through the woods, valleys, over hills, over creeks, etc.

Pickle Springs Natural Area Pickle Springs Natural Area Pickle Springs Natural Area Caution Steep Bluffs Ahead Pickle Springs Natural Area

At just about the halfway mark, so one mile in, Sarah says to me, “hey, do you see that square in the tree? The box?” It took me a bit but I finally saw what she was pointing out and I said she should go get it (it was off trail a bit). We just happened to meet an older couple coming from the other way there, so they were intrigued, too. Sarah brought it over and we all sort of looked at it for a bit. No one was willing to open it, ha, so I unlatched it. As soon as it was open, I knew what it was, it was for geocaching!

so sad it’s hilarious

Someone sent me this a few days ago and I don’t care who you’re voting for, this is so sad it’s funny:

People, no matter who they’re voting on, need to stop and read up on the issues and candidates and know what they’re talking about before opening their big mouths. Seriously, I don’t know what else to say. The stupidity scares me.

more photos, photography, and what not

I’ve not had much to say lately, I’m not sure what the problem is. I sit down to write something and my mind goes blank, then I get distracted and never get around to it. Hopefully that will be over soon.

In the meantime, I had another photo shoot the other day. This time it was engagement photos for my sister-in-law and her fiance. The sun was very harsh but I think we made the best of it. You do what you can when you’ve only got specific days you can do things on, ya know.

Here’s some of my favorites:

Liz & Matt Liz & Matt

Liz & Matt Liz & Matt

Liz & Matt