crash course in geocaching

lol, we, or rather, Sarah, found something fun the other day!

We went out to Pickle Springs Natural Area like we try to do at least once every year though it’s been two years since we were last there. It’s really a nice place. It’s a two mile trail through the woods, valleys, over hills, over creeks, etc.

Pickle Springs Natural Area Pickle Springs Natural Area Pickle Springs Natural Area Caution Steep Bluffs Ahead Pickle Springs Natural Area

At just about the halfway mark, so one mile in, Sarah says to me, “hey, do you see that square in the tree? The box?” It took me a bit but I finally saw what she was pointing out and I said she should go get it (it was off trail a bit). We just happened to meet an older couple coming from the other way there, so they were intrigued, too. Sarah brought it over and we all sort of looked at it for a bit. No one was willing to open it, ha, so I unlatched it. As soon as it was open, I knew what it was, it was for geocaching!

Sarah pointing out the strange box geocache First time geocachers

I explained to everyone else what I knew geocaching to be but I was a bit wrong (I always thought that the purpose was to sort of hunt it out, then hide it elsewhere for others to find, but apparently it’s just to find the stuff, take something, leave something, mark your visit, etc.) so we ended up taking the box with us. But after getting back to their house and learning more about it, we sent the box back first thing the next morning. Funny, too, because Sarah tells me that while taking the box back, they met some geocachers who were looking for one of the three boxes in Pickle Springs.

The Travel Bug The box Sarah found is, I am sure, the one called Trail Through Time Earthcache. There’s only 3 mapped as being in there and we know it’s not the other two so it has to be this one. It also contained a Travel Bug Tag which you are supposed to take and move somewhere after tracking. Unfortunately, though, a certain someone didn’t listen to me on that and put them back in the cache. That kinda stinks, too, ’cause now I have to figure out how to log that they’re back where they started??? As far as the cache goes, Sarah kept some bug spray and left an Ewok and some sunglasses.

So it was a fun find and now Sarah is totally hooked, ha. She’s all excited about getting out and finding more and I was surprised to find that there are so many in our areas. It looks like we can find a good 80% of them, too, without having an actual GPS device, which none of us have. Maybe if we do get into it, we’ll get one for Christmas or something. I can see it being something that Sarah and I would enjoy together but not so much for everyone else. Well, Elijah maybe, haha.