The other day I got a chance to shoot some photos of my friend’s five-month-old baby. She’s so cute and I love how many of them turned out!

Maylee Maylee Maylee Maylee Maylee


in the photo booth

Saturday was the wedding of one of my really good, really longtime friends, and while they spent a lot of money on things I never would have dreamed of for a wedding and reception, one of the things they did stands out a lot as being really cool.

When I got married, my mom put something like two one-time use cameras on every table at the reception. She’d first seen the idea at my – now get this straight – grandpa’s then-wife’s daughter’s reception. The idea is the guests take pictures of things and leave the cameras for the couple. Well, we did develop a lot of those then I just quit and we now have a box of about 10 or 12 of them that haven’t been developed. They’re probably not even any good after all this time.

So, anyway, my friend. Outside the reception venue (a restaurant), on the sidewalk, they had a photo booth set up. The guests were supposed to hop in, press the green button, and have three pics taken. Then the machine would spit out two copies of the photo strip and they were to put one into a black-paged scrapbook and write a note, and keep the other strip. Well, Elijah hit the button maybe four times, but we only ended up with two strips. Here’s what we got:



the hard questions

It was approximately a month ago when I Twittered that, out of the blue, Elijah asked me, “Mommy, before I was a baby and I was really little, how did I get in your tummy?”

We figured “God put you there” was a good enough response and he accepted it without question.

Then, the other day:

“Mommy, when I was in your tummy, was I sitting in your stomach acid?”

bbbbbbbbb :)

So, my friend gave me some photos that she had doubles or multiple copies of and, man, these things are old. :P Check this out, all from 1999 and 2000, I think. Just thought I’d post some because I think all the ones of me and Sarah are incredibly cute. :)

[images removed]

I’ll never be at that weight again, lol, or that hair!! (Second photo for hair, that’s me in forefront.)