9 & a half weeks & other stuff

showing off the ultrasounds So here is E modeling some of the ultrasound photos from last night.

The lady said everything looked really good, which is really nice to hear since last weekend I had what I consider to be a complication. Should be nothing, I hope, though. She said that according to the ultrasound machine, gestational age is a bit younger than we originally thought but not enough to change my due date, so…? Who knows. So yeah, it’s not much to see now, but it’s there! And not twins!

A friend of mine messaged me last Friday out of the blue. She’s typically one who’s hard to keep in touch with and the rest of us give her a hard time because she rarely responds to phone calls, emails, or texts. She said, “Are you guys ok? I had a weird dream and felt I needed to check on you.” So I replied that, yes, we’re fine, and that I was pregnant, yada, yada, yada. She says back that she dreamed I was pregnant! And in a second message: “with twins!” So, the visionary in the group was halfway right, pregnant yes, twins no!

which one?

Which one do you like best for our Christmas card photos? Ha, this isn’t the way I usually do this but I really can’t make up my mind! Of course, all of them will need some processing…








Weird Missouri!!

So, apparently the yellow card that was in my postal box last week actually meant something because there was another one today and stopping at the counter I picked up a package that was apparently there since November 4th. Oops.

I wasn’t expecting anything at my box so it’s all really a surprise but inside was this book, Weird Missouri, from the writers. My gift for allowing them to use one of my photos. :)

My photo is a full page bleed on page 73. It’s been some time ago that I was contacted for requesting to use the photo and I ended up giving the guy permission to use anything he wanted or could use. All I wanted was a copy of the book, haha. Well, I completely forgot about it until today and they ended up only using the one photo, but I’m happy. I am a bit disappointed that the Bonne Terre Mine didn’t make it into the book at all (I had some photos from inside it that he also expressed interest in), it would have been nice to have seen a piece on the mines, even if they didn’t use my photos.

So, anyway, the photo?

Excuse Me!

We have that book at left there, it’s called Excuse Me! A Little Book of Manners. It’s a cute little book of a handful of pages and each left page presents a scenario and the right page is a lift-up flap with a photo and it says, “What do you say?” You lift the flap and there’s the proper response to the scenario, right?

Well the other night Elijah brought me the book to read to him which is funny in itself because he never does that. So we sat to read it and the first scenario (which you can see pictured if you click the book then click it again at amazon to read inside and click on excerpt) says:

Mommy says, “Do you want peas for breakfast?”

What do you say?

So I read it for him and asked him “what do you say?” He paused for a second, thinking about what to say then finally said, “PLEASE!!”

That’s my kid for you, outside the box!

Of course, I had to shatter his tiny little ego and let him know that not everyone likes peas as much as he does because when you lift the flap, the little girl is clearly disgusted with them and she says, “No thank you!”


no deer for you

You probably didn’t notice it, but we were gone all last weekend. Yup, it’s that time of year again: deer hunting. So we headed out to my grandpa’s farm after dropping Elijah at my in-laws’ house.

Pretty much the rest of Friday for me was spent at the house with some of the others while Steve went out bow hunting (since rifle season doesn’t officially start until Saturday morning). We in the house saw three deer come right into the back and then front yard, a little doe, a spike buck with one spike, and a small six pointer. After Steve returned, we ran out and got our rifle tags at the local Walmart. I swear that’s the last Walmart in the country that’s not open 24/7. Then it was back to the house where everyone sat around jabbering on into the night, telling stories and jokes. J, man, he’s knock down drag out hilarious. It’s not necessarily that his stories are funny but the way he tells them is great. For one, imagine a southerner making fun of someone with a northern accent. Yeah, I about peed my pants. :P