K’NEX are of the devil

My sister and brother-in-law got this for Elijah for Christmas, a construction K’NEX kit. Basically, the K’NEX blocks are like Legos and then you’ve got these little things that look like gears and rods and connectors, they call them.

Oh, my gosh, these things are annoying!


This morning Steve was worse and I ended up driving him up to the urgent care center. He wasn’t even really able to get water down and we know how bad that could be!

Well he’s got strep throat. Ugh.

This is a man who never gets sick. The last time he was really sick we both had the flu. It was almost 7 years ago. February 2002. I got it first, he got it 3 days later, stayed home from work one day and was fine. I was still sick another 3 days or so.

I have never had strep. Never. That thing I had just over two years ago where I didn’t eat for over a week? Wasn’t strep. Still not positive what it was.

Praying Steve has a speedy recovery (the big baby lol) and that neither me or Elijah get it!!!

oooh, shiny!

Christmas for us this year, well, it was kinda weird! Elijah and I have been sick all week though, today, Friday, I am finally starting to feel like I’m getting better. Unfortunately, though, this afternoon found Steve with a fever, pain in his ears, and great pain in his throat. I have NOT had any of that with my sickness, so I really hope I don’t get what he has! (Also, I think Elijah’s being sick was his reaction from four vaccinations he got the week prior.)

So, anyway, because of all this sickness, we missed two gatherings with extended family. We were, however, able to make it to my mom and dad’s on Christmas Eve and to Steve’s parents on Christmas Day. (I did sound real great coughing the whole time, though!)

One thing about this Christmas, though, that really makes me smile, is that I know we’re loved. Not because people got us presents (I can do without those, really) but because those people that bought those presents really took the time to listen to what we wanted or might want and took the time to find those things. For example, my sister-in-law got me some dish and kitchen towels. I know that sounds funny, but I ASKED for those. Seriously. It’s one of the things I listed when she asked what I wanted. I really needed some and always forget to buy them myself! :) She also got me some earrings and a matching necklace and even with that she apparently had listened to me the one time I mentioned that I like blue and brown together.

So things like that really make it all the more special, you know?

his 15 minutes of fame

I’ll get back to Christmas later but I was unloading my pics and realized I forgot to post this.

E, right where he wants to be...

Yup, right there where he apparently loves to be, …surrounded by girls! This was the 21st when his choir sang in church. He had told me a few days before that that he only goes to choir to see his girlfriend (his words, I swear!). The TV was on and he was playing and heard the word “boyfriend” on TV and he just stopped and turned to me and said, “Autumn’s my girlfriend.” Cracked me up. Unfortunately for him and his parents and both sets of grandparents and one aunt and one uncle, though… the little girlfriend was not there to see this night. I saw her one other time, though, back in October, she’s a cutie. :)

He didn’t really sing, lol. He kinda mouthed the words but I think he was in shock because he never would believe me when I kept telling him he was going to sing in church. He kept insisting they were going to sing in just choir class and Mom and Dad were NOT going to be there to see it. So I think he was surprised. :)

I think this picture was taken not long after my brother said to me, "I think he’s staring at me." I said, "so wave!" So he did and Elijah just grinned so big! It was cute. :)

more craigslist gripes

Recently I listed a bunch of stuff including re-listing Steve’s expensive tires for sale. I tell you what, I know that craigslist is basically like a classified ads but, dang, people just don’t have any manners. I can’t tell you how many people have tried to get his expensive tires for next to nothing.

One guy even emailed this: “let me know when you drop the price 400.00. no offence.”
I had a good LOL session with that one. Steve’s asking about $700 for nearly-new off-road tires that are worth $800.