his 15 minutes of fame

I’ll get back to Christmas later but I was unloading my pics and realized I forgot to post this.

E, right where he wants to be...

Yup, right there where he apparently loves to be, …surrounded by girls! This was the 21st when his choir sang in church. He had told me a few days before that that he only goes to choir to see his girlfriend (his words, I swear!). The TV was on and he was playing and heard the word “boyfriend” on TV and he just stopped and turned to me and said, “Autumn’s my girlfriend.” Cracked me up. Unfortunately for him and his parents and both sets of grandparents and one aunt and one uncle, though… the little girlfriend was not there to see this night. I saw her one other time, though, back in October, she’s a cutie. :)

He didn’t really sing, lol. He kinda mouthed the words but I think he was in shock because he never would believe me when I kept telling him he was going to sing in church. He kept insisting they were going to sing in just choir class and Mom and Dad were NOT going to be there to see it. So I think he was surprised. :)

I think this picture was taken not long after my brother said to me, "I think he’s staring at me." I said, "so wave!" So he did and Elijah just grinned so big! It was cute. :)