5th Day, 27 Weeks

Flowers from my boys So, here I am, day 5! And 27 weeks! Moving right along!

So far it hasn’t been TOO bad. I had a melt down Wednesday night, but it’s been the only one. And I think that was brought on because I laid there for a long time listening to the monitors, that were turned up really loudly, just emit the noise of baby moving around, not the heartbeat like they’re supposed to be. So the sounds were just really grating on my brain and drove me nuts.

But other than that…

1st Hospital Night

Well, here I am!

We had an appointment at the first hospital for an ultrasound and to pick up our paperwork. They sent me there first because the doctor who’s patient I am considered was on staff there for today.

I really wasn’t expecting any changes during the ultrasound but suddenly the ultrasoundist said, “wait, wasn’t this baby always head up?” I sort of snapped to attention and was like, “yeah…” She checked her little thing to make sure it was pointing the right way and then she was like, “well now she’s head down!” She was clearly excited and surprised! I was like “YES!!” Even if I still end up with a c-section, this is freaking awesome. The doctors and ultrasoundists have always said that because of the loss of fluid, there was really not any chance of her being able to flip around.

Missing Spring

I’ve missed Christmas, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day. Now I’m missing spring. Sarah took my Nikon out the other day and captured just a little bit of what I’m missing out there.

Daffodils Daffodils

Magnolia Tree Blooms Magnolia Tree Blooms

Last Friday, leaving the hospital, I saw some flowering trees that I don’t think were redbuds but they had pretty pinkish purplish flowers. And I thought… wow, I wish I had my camera. Not that my chauffeur extraordinaire (Mom) would have stopped for me right there. Just wishing I could get out and shoot…