Sweet Little Miracle (and freebie)

I finally had some time to do some scrapbooking tonight. I haven’t done any since I was in the hospital and did K’s birth announcements and before that it was a while since I’d actually done a page.

So here’s what I came up with:

Scrapbook: Sweet Little Miracle

The kit I used is Baby on Board by Brenshevia Taylor-Boone.
The word art (“Sweet Little Miracle”) is my first try at something like that. The fonts used in there are Pea Mushi and Pea Jamie which can be found for free at kevinandamanda.com/scrapbook/fonts/fontsforpeas/.

And if you like, you can download the word art here. There are two versions, high and low (referring to footprint placement). Click the images to download, both versions are included in the same file.

sweetlittlemiracle-preview_low sweetlittlemiracle-preview_high

Please tell me what you think, if you download, and seasoned scrap designers, feel free to tell me what I’ve done wrong. :P

But, anyway, hopefully I’ll start finding more time to catch back up on scrapbooking. This page, by the way, is Kayleigh’s version of this one I did for Elijah over a year ago.

Oh, and maybe I should mention that the footprints are Kayleigh’s actual footprints that were done a day or two after she was born. They’re only about an inch long in actual size.


Why is it I sit down here to do something yet never get around to it? Not just here, either. Earlier I was walking around the house growling as I saw things I’d forgotten to do or even things I forgot to buy when I was at the store earlier today.

Well, anyway. So, K, yeah, she’s wearing clothes now, right? We have a little darling diva I think…

pink girl reach for the sky, Pilgrim

big yawn/yellow girl clothes!

clothes! I can't wear pink every day!

sleeping with the pink blankie

That is all…

the jeremy project

From their website:

The Jeremy Project is a not-for-profit organization photographing children with special needs. The portrait session is done in the home, at the hospital or at any location in the St. Louis area. Each family receives 5-10 prints and a disc which allows them to make reprints at any time.”

The Jeremy Project came to the NICU on May the 9th and as a Mother’s Day gift took a photo for whoever wanted one and sent us a CD and print. There are also photos hanging around in different spots in the NICU and I always love to look at them. Such a great organization, hopefully when all of this NICU stuff is over for us I’ll be able to help them out somehow, even if it’s just with a donation.

The photo arrived today and… well, it was a really nice photo day for me that day. :)
The photo was intended to be just mommies and babies (for Mother’s Day) but I wanted all of us and they said it was up to me!

by The Jeremy Project

I just wish Elijah was paying attention! But, you all know just how hard that is… especially as far as photography is concerned!

week 35/6 update

Val & Kayleigh I’ve failed to post a real K update not only because of lack of time, but for the same reason that I simply answer “good” when people ask how she’s doing: oftentimes, explaining her exact situation would take hours. Not that she’s not doing good, of course, she is! It’s just that sometimes it’s hard to explain, but I’ll try…

When I last posted (5-2), she was 2lbs, 12oz. She is now 4lbs, 3oz (as of the night of 5-23). She’s now part of this babyicu.com thing where I can log in and see photos (apparently rarely though) and a graph of her weight. It only charts the last 20 though, so I’m taking screenshots and putting them together, here’s what we have (click to view larger, weight is in grams):

Kayleigh Weight 5-24-09

So that’s pretty neat.

Leave. Me. Alone! K is now on the nasal cannula full time and has been for a while though she is also back on the high humidity. They had taken her off of it to “home” oxygen (I believe it’s called) but she apparently still needed some of the pressure that the high humidity offers and so she went back on that. It’s not a set back, necessarily, it’s just that she wasn’t ready to move forward. The high humidity, though, puts out humid air forced into her nose rather than just having a steady flow of just oxygen, if that makes any sense. She was originally on 5 liters (per minute) but is currently on 4. Hopefully that will continue to go down here soon.

clothes! But she’s 35 weeks gestational age so she’s at the point where she’s started to maintain her temperature better (putting on weight helps with that) and is starting to learn to suck, swallow, and breathe all at the same time. So a few days ago, she got out of the incubator and into a crib. It’s so ironic because in our discharge class and elsewhere they talk about how at home you want the baby to sleep on her back with no blankets and nothing in the bed to avoid SIDS. Yet here, they have her bundled up in a blanket with another blanket on top of her with positioners and lots of stuff in her bed and she can sleep on her side or tummy or back. Of course, it’s ok now because she’s on the monitors and surrounded by nurses and doctors, it just strikes me as weird. However, soon they’ll start transitioning her to that back to sleep position all the time.

that wedding last month

Oops, I never did get around to really posting anything from my sister-in-law’s wedding, did I? You might remember I was originally supposed to shoot the wedding but then bed rest and hospitalization happened and so I wasn’t but then practically last minute I was able to go so I half shot the wedding. There was another photographer and it turned out to work perfectly due to my still having swelling and stuff at the time but I was able to get some pretty good shots in. Here are a few.

Elizabeth Bridesmaids

Liz & Elijah Sarah, Liz, Sheila

Father of the Bride First Kiss
Just Married