40 weeks

39 weeks Tomorrow Kayleigh will be 40 weeks, June 26th is her due date. It also means that the date we were hoping for her to have come home by will have come and gone. But all is not lost, the end is in sight.

Ok, so, my last update I talked about her kidneys and how she has the grade 3 and a grade 5 reflux and will need surgery to fix that, sometime in her first year, the pediatrician tells me. We also found out that the kidney with the grade 5 is also at a lowered function. It might only function 5% of what it should, the specialist told me, or it could be 20%. They don’t know. He said that also in time, her left kidney (which as of now he sees as perfectly fine and says it can carry her through life by itself) should compensate by growing larger. If it doesn’t, it means that the right kidney has more function than he thinks it does, or that it is also bad. So we shall see what we shall see. Lots of people live with one kidney, I’m sure she’ll be fine. He did mention, though, something about, I think, if it gets worse, or really bad, then it will have to come out. I hope that doesn’t happen, of course, but we’ll take things as they come.

K is now 7 lbs and 3 oz. I’m not sure how tall she is, they haven’t updated me on that lately. She’s gaining weight steadily and it seems like it’s been really fast here lately but they say it’s still ok, no need for diuretics yet again.

I don’t get this boy

I’ve given him his clothes to change into. Clean underwear, a new shirt, shorts, and pair of socks. I’m sitting on the couch and he starts getting dressed. First he’s gotta take off his pajama pants and shirt and underwear and he does this and takes them to the dirty clothes and comes back buck naked.

He does his “I’m naked” dance (read: sigh). He puts on his shirt. He does his “I’m naked” dance, going “see this, see this, see this?”

I’m all, “Elijah. Put on your clothes already.”

He’s getting his underwear on now and suddenly he says, “HEY! I don’t want people watching me when I’m changing!” I’m all, “HEY! I was here first! If you don’t like it you can go in your room and change.”

So, now wearing his t-shirt and underwear he goes into his bedroom and closes the door to put on his shorts and socks.

A little late there, Bud.

Gotta love him tho. :)


Actually, I’m a little late on this, but K doubled her birth weight recently! She’s actually 5lbs, 8oz (2494 g) as compared to her birth weight of 2lbs, 8oz (1140 g)! She’s also now 18 7/8″ long as compared to 14″ at birth.

The doctors have made a few changes to her care recently. She’s still on the low flow oxygen, doing very well, so well that they took her down from 1/4 liter of air to 1/8 yesterday. It just means there’s only 1/8 liters of air flowing through a minute as compared to the 1/4 it was before. No, I didn’t know they could measure air in liters before all this, either! The doctor said he’d like to try her on room air (with no added oxygen) soon and see how she does. I’m not sure when he is going to do that but I’m sure it’s going to have to be at least a few days yet. He said some babies need to go to that other step of 1/16 of a liter before they get to room air. She’s doing well on the 1/8 liters so far. She desats some again when she gets upset but in time that will fix itself, too.

They’ve changed her feedings from every 2 hours to every 3 and her intake is up to an ounce and a half every time (45 milliliters). We’re working on teaching her the bottle – she knows how to do it but she’s been known to take too much in and then choke on it. They did a swallow study on her today where they had her take dye and they watched with x-ray (I think?) how she handles it. They said she did really good with that. So I think she just needs practice.

Actually, I think that’s it except for we took in a mobile for her and she loves to look at it!!


yes, we have no bonanza

mobile The bills and the insurance statements have started to roll in. Well, the ones on me have been rolling in for some time now and I think they’re starting to come to a stop. The ones for K are just getting started.

All I can say is: thank God we have good insurance!

The total base costs for me? This would include anything related to the pregnancy, so we’re talking the first doctor, the second set of doctors (4 of them), many ultrasounds, lab work, emergency room visit, first hospital stay (1 night), second hospital stay (20 nights), medications, all the various things they charge you for, and anesthetic that I didn’t get that took 30 minutes to prepare for.

Wait, I forgot, the insurance hasn’t yet sent us papers on the hospital stay of 20 nights or anything related to it. So the working total of everything but that so far is $21,219.30. And if one night’s stay at the hospital was $3069.21, we can expect 20 nights to be at least another $61,384.20 when you consider I had more medications, including the steroid shots, saw more doctors, etc.

It’s absolutely unreal and, yes, because “we have no bonanza,” I’m very glad we have awesome insurance through S’s union. They pay 90% of everything and we pay 10% until we hit $500 then we’re done! That’s on me. The same thing on K, too. And not only will $1,000 do good for both of us, but E could go out and bust himself up with his antics and he’d be free, too. This just doesn’t include any out-patient prescriptions (so still have to pay our part for my allergy medication) or someone out of network (no one has been so far). Not that I want E to go bust himself up, but knowing that kid he’s likely to do it at any point in time. Not to mention, if enough stuff has gone through the insurance by this time for K, then E’s tests will be free (we’re going to have him tested for the Vesicoureteral Reflux, too, just to be sure since it runs in families). Not that S doesn’t pay for it, of course, it’s part of his wage package.