an update of sorts

In less than 48 hours, K will have been off the oxygen for 3 weeks. I haven’t even been checking her oxygen levels in her blood for the last several days. She’s always been fine and never shows any signs of problems. She does, however, sometimes have this whistling to her breathing. When she was still in the NICU sometimes we’d hear that and we were always told it was because the cannula was up against the side of her nose or something, but that the noises were always caused by that. Well now she’s off of the oxygen and we still hear it from time to time. But the times I’ve heard it when she’s been on the oximeter, her blood levels have been fine. So I don’t know why she does this but she goes to the pulmonologist soon so I will be asking him.

The Renegade Tomato Weed is now HUUUUGE. And it looks, “oh so wonderful” there but now it’s actually producing some red tomatoes so I don’t know what else to do with it but let it go. Elijah loves it. He loves to pick the tomatoes and he’ll wash them and eat them right away. Strange boy who will eat the grape tomatoes but not touch any other kind.

more of the renegade tomato weed

It made a nice addition to his nature journal though, for today, the first day of school. He cut a clipping of just leaves and then a clipping of blossoms and put them on a page. He wrote “tomato” and the date and drew a picture of tomatoes on the vine (though he insisted the vine be red and the tomatoes green… whatever) and he drew a picture of the blossoms. On the back I printed the photo above as well as this one and he taped them on.

For the first day we also did 3 math pages, 3 pages of handwriting basic skills, reviewed letters and sounds and some easy words, and read the first chapter (?) from the Wizard of Oz. Some time ago I bought The Treasury of Oz which has all of Baum’s books in it, so that’s what we’re reading from a section at a time. It’s a big book with two columns of about 10 pt text, no illustrations — there is a lot in there!

But Elijah was SO good today, I hope every day goes as smooth! He cooperated, he listened for the most part, he did his work… it was amazing. And Kayleigh slept through all of it. She woke up to eat so we took a little break before I read to him after she fell asleep, but she slept well before then. I know every day won’t be so easy, but boy was it nice for the first day of this year!

the kidney bean

Or kidney update, rather.

K went to the children’s urologist the other day and it was his opinion that her urinary reflux isn’t as bad as the other hospital said it is. We were initially told that one was a grade 5 (worst you can have), this guy puts both at grade 3’s and he is confident she’ll grow out of this problem within a few years. He said that he doesn’t put them at grade 5 because her x-rays don’t show reflux immediately but after her bladder actually gets full. However, he also said that he figures the first doctor said it was a grade 5 because of how the actual kidney looks. We were told that that particular kidney had a lowered function, but they weren’t sure how low. In about 4 weeks, K will get a renal scan which will tell the doctors what sort of function this kidney has. Does it work as it’s supposed to, despite there being too much fluid in there? Or is it functionless? Somewhere between? After the renal scan we will know more. The functionality of this kidney will determine whether or not she needs surgery. Apparently it has more fluid because there’s a blockage and the scan will tell us if that blockage needs to be taken care of or not. I assume that if she does get that fixed they will also go ahead and fix the reflux at the same time.

But that’s the haps, brothas.

I have a bone to pick with biased media (namely MSNBC)

First, this video:

And then this video:


Just at which point did that guy’s skin color change from black to white? Obviously, it must have been some time before your clip started.


That man you showed wearing the assault rifle was NOT WHITE. He was a black man. Therefore, you are lying. Why is it that if someone is white and disagrees with something the president says or does, they are automatically labeled as a racist? In most cases it has nothing to do with that! In fact, I have yet to actually encounter someone who disagrees with him simply because he is (half) black. You are attempting to mislead the American people to get them to believe what you want them to believe, that only a white man would or could ever disagree with the president, that only a white man would, gasp, own a gun, and that all white people are, therefore, racist. YOU are the ones creating this “racial tension” and “undertones.” The average Joe does not feel this way. It is time for biased media to go the way of the buffalo. You will soon find that people are trusting, watching, and listening to you less and less as they turn for more reliable, more un-slanted reporting!

someone who’s not an idiot.

too much love?

I’ve heard you can never have too much love but I’m really starting to wonder!!

Elijah is driving me nuts when it comes to Kayleigh! I don’t know if it’s really a jealous factor or what but he is constantly at her. If I feed her he’s over messing with her, rubbing her head, touching her hands and feet, talking to her — fine, but she really needs to concentrate when eating and he distracts her. If she’s in bed and I’m hoping she’ll sleep, he’s over there in her face talking or trying to play peek-a-boo or something of the like. If she’s in the bouncy seat, he’s right there in her face, changing buttons and playing with the toys, too. But here’s the kicker, when I tell him to leave her alone or get out of her face his response is always: “BUT I LOVE HER!!”

eventful week

As if last weekend wasn’t eventful enough with K’s little G-button adventure, we’ve had more fun this week. Tuesday the lung doctor gave me the a-ok to remove her from oxygen. When she was in the ER last weekend, the doctor there listened to her breathing with the stethoscope he made some comment like “wow, you won’t need oxygen much longer.” Then Tuesday the pulmonary doctor said that we could just totally take her off of oxygen, watching her oxygen saturation. As long as she stays 95% and up it’s good. Of course she can dip down below that level but it’s staying there that would be the problem.

She stays saturated really well during awake times, of course, and during feedings. The main concern is during feedings and sleeping. During feedings she would be alternating holding her breath to swallow/drink and during sleepings, she would be breathing more shallow than when awake. Sometimes with sleeping, she’s borderline and right in that mid 90 range but has actually been doing better even since Tuesday night.