’tis the season… to try and burn down the house

Christmas Lights This is one of those, oh, so typical times where I have to tell you how I was a ditz. It will also be one of those times where I am glad a certain husband does not read my blog LOL.

I was at a group with some other ladies last night and they started talking about Christmas decorations and what not. One of them brought up the topic of ceramic Christmas trees with the little plastic lights in them. Let’s not discuss how these ladies discussing these trees are quite a bit older than I am (in years not actual age, heehee) and they were actually making fun of these trees, saying they were something their grandmothers would have liked. I laughed because I have one of these trees and I bought it simply because it reminds me of my grandma and the one she had when I was little. So that reminded me I have one and tonight I decided to dig it out.

So I head to the basement and found it rather quickly and brought the bag upstairs. A quick look through the bag revealed the base, without a light bulb, and the tree, missing several of the plastic bulbs. I was quite baffled. I distinctly remembered having a bulb for it that should not have burned out and having extra little plastic bulbs that the lady gave me when I bought it. So I shuffled back to the basement, had another side adventure that shall not be mentioned, then went to the Christmas decorations.

No light bulb. No extra plastic bulbs. Blah. I started searching all over the basement. I knew there was a lamp somewhere in storage that had a bulb that should go in the tree. I was looking for something small and pointed, like for a night light or very small lamp. I could not find this little lamp anywhere.

I’d almost resigned to buying a bulb later when I went upstairs and found where I’d stashed the little lamp. Unfortunately, I the bulb was dead. I thought about raiding my nightstand lamp when I remembered I had extras for that in the nightstand. Sure enough, I found a bulb. It seemed a little big, but, oh well. Headed downstairs, put it in the tree, plugged it in and turned it on.

I was sitting here back in my chair for a few minutes, not very long, when I started to smell something. It smelled like hot glue. You know the smell, right? It’s almost sickening. I thought, “shoot, I guess that bulb is too big for that tree, it’s melting the glue holding in those plastic bulbs.” I turned off the tree and sat back down. A few minutes later, I turned it back on and took a couple of photos including the one above. Turned it right back off and I thought I’d check it and I started lifting the tree off the base.

I almost fainted when I realized what had happened.

Yes, the tree DID have a bulb and it DID have extra plastic bulbs. Oh, and it DID have bubble wrap around those things. They had been all shoved up inside the tree but were now all melted to the bulb that had been turned on.

Oy. :)

It was still really, hot, too. I had to let it cool some more before getting it out of there and I was left with bubble wrap and about 7 plastic bulbs all melted to the light bulb. I was able to salvage another one or two plastic bulbs and thankfully the tree’s actual light bulb wasn’t attached to the bubble wrap so I was able to pop that puppy in and light up my tree again, smell-and-melting-stuff-free.

And through it all? Yup, the husband was snoozing on the couch.

Lesson learned: just because you carry the ceramic tree at the bottom and your fingers don’t feel anything inside the tree, doesn’t mean that the light bulbs and bubble wrap aren’t in there waiting for their moment to strike. :P