Gingerbread 2009

DSC_2180 I wanted to make this a tradition for us, but we skipped last year because we were sick and I just wasn’t feeling up to anything until… um… now? :) But we did a gingerbread house in 2007 and this year Elijah and I did the gingerbread train I had bought for last year. Yeah, yeah, yeah, maybe one of these days I will bake my own gingerbread.

This thing was so hard to do! Heh! I don’t know if they’re always like this or because it’s a year old, but the green icing meant to be the “glue” for parts was so thick! The directions said it would be toothpaste-like, but it was more like play doh! I finally got it put together though, and Elijah added the candy where he wanted. Silly kid always wants it to look just like it is on the box, so he put candy in a lot of the same places (some even using the same colors!) but of course, the one on the box is probably actually plastic, so it’s near impossible!

It was fun, though, and we will hopefully continue to make this a yearly thing. Elijah loves putting these together and he can’t wait to eat it. The thought of eating it really grosses me out, though it does smell good, but for his sake I’ll make sure I keep any dust from gathering on it HAHAHA










And, yes, I enjoy taking pictures of it with the 50mm lens!