bedtime woes

Bleh, it’s frustrating and it never fails. Tonight, for example. I warned the E-boy:

“Bedtime in one hour.”

“Bedtime in half an hour.”

“Bedtime in fifteen minutes.”

“Ok, brush your teeth, go to the bathroom, wash your hands, get your jammies on, and go to bed.”

A lot of instructions, I know, but he’s really got that bedtime routine down pat. The problem starts about 15 minutes after he’s been in bed.

“I’m hungry.”

“Hello? Mommy? I’m hungry!!”

“You’ve been sent to bed. Good-night.”

“But I’m hungry! I didn’t have dinner.”

He totally had dinner, whether he wants to admit it or not. Sometimes he gets a snack (contrary to what my size may show you, we don’t usually have dessert here). But he always has plenty of time before bed to tell me he’s hungry. There are times I’ve even asked him if he was hungry, gotten a “no” answer, sent him to bed, then *suddenly* he’s “hungry.” Most of the time I think it’s just a ploy to stay up later but I feel guilty thinking that I don’t want to deny a growing boy some food.

But this behavior has got to stop. Tonight I told him, “ok, you can eat your dinner left-overs but then to bed and this is NOT going to happen anymore. You have plenty of time to decide if you’re hungry or not and you will NOT be getting out of bed like this anymore.” We’ll see how it goes.

The thing that really grinds my gears, though, besides when he’s been offered food just 10 minutes prior, is that he throws an absolute fit about finishing dinner left-overs. I have been in his face about not wasting food but he just doesn’t seem to get it. Of course, I win there, because I say “it’s that or nothing, we’re not wasting it,” but it still frustrates.

This has been a rant, good-night. :)


A friend who has a special needs daughter told me quite some time ago that it’s a good idea to keep all a kid’s info and medical history, etc., in a notebook so you can easily find everything and all the important info for the doctors. I tried it in September but didn’t get far. I realized last week, though, that I am already getting fuzzy about dates. The last time I was asked when K was removed from oxygen completely and then when she had the last ultrasound of her brain… my mind failed me. So tonight I’ve sat for the last hour and a half, going through my old entries here and even photos to see when this or that happened and to get it into a notebook. Because, apparently, just as I think things might really be coming to an end, that this story might be written for the most part, I’m told I need to start getting her some physical therapy and that she’ll need to see a neurologist in March.

It’s really been a ride to go through these entries, not even a year later yet. It’s amazing how fast time has flown. Where did it all go? I can’t believe 2009 went so fast. And really, my heart melts when I look at those pictures of K from April and May… how did I get so lucky that she would go from this:

Without the eye patches

To this:

In only a few short months?

But, again, apparently the war isn’t over yet. We’ll see next month (hopefully) if she needs kidney surgery and in March, hopefully the neurologist will tell us she’s just fine. We shall see what we shall see… But in the meantime, I’m not worried, I know things will be fine.

Though, I also wish I posted here more. Obviously, there are times I need those entries to remind me of things. :P

So, yeah.

The last week of the year was a forced week off for Steve from work. During that week he was informed that due to lack of work, out of the first 8 weeks of the year, everyone was required to take off 4 of those weeks. None of those weeks were paid. He worked the first week of the year then was off last week. On Friday, he was informed he was laid off completely.

I have varying feelings ranging from “we’ll be just fine” to the staring into space “oh. my. gosh. What are we going to do?”

Does this make me a bad mother?

So we borrowed The New Super Mario Bros from my brother-in-law and while it’s totally fun, it’s a bit hard for E. He has been picking it up little by little but I see how it’s hard for him having never played the original Mario Bros. For instance, at first he expected the Wii remote to guide his little dude completely. It’s really like a flashback to when we first got an NES when I was little. I remember my mom doing huge arm motions when trying to jump Mario over something. But apparently once we train our brains to know that it’s just our fingers doing the walking, Nintendo has to come out with something like the Wii. :P

So, anyway. E is pretty competitive and he tends to get upset when he loses. It’s something we’re working on, really, but in the meantime, sometimes I just want him to win so he’ll be quieter. He now has full reign of the game with Worlds 1 through 8 unlocked and all but two levels beaten on the first 7 Worlds. Of course, every time his lives run out, his inventory is cleared and the mushroom houses reset themselves. So he heads there first.

The red mushroom houses have a little mini matching game. Does it make me a bad mother that I look up the cheats and tell him which boxes to pick so that he wins all the stuff and doesn’t hear the bad guy laughing at him? At least then he does the victory dance and that’s just way beyond cute. :P

This game was totally designed with me in mind, though, I know it. I am just not coordinated enough to play the truly 3D games out there!