MRI results

The doctor’s office called today with the results of K’s MRI. All the receptionist said was: normal.*

Of course, I am extremely happy with the results, but it doesn’t explain her involuntary eye movement. So the next step is just to meet with the neurologist again. I figure he’s probably going to say there’s nothing to be done (after all, if you can’t see a problem, what can you do?) and that is ok. My biggest worry, at this point, with her eyes, is will she have problems reading and learning to read if she doesn’t grow out of this? The doctor had said that tracking with her eyes would probably be the biggest problem from this. But we shall see what we shall see.

the MRI

So last Wednesday, K went for her MRI.

Since she’s so little, it was quite the involved process. Since there’s no way she could stay still for them to look at her brain, they had to sedate her a bit. Because of the sedation, she couldn’t eat after midnight the night before. And because of the sedation, she also had to get an IV and be intubated. It really sucked. When they picked us back up at the waiting room, she was already awake and screaming her head off. She’d started to move around so the anesthesiologist had to carry her so she didn’t hurt herself moving around in the bed. She kept looking at me and would start crying all over again.

It was aggravating, too, because we got a later start so she was really very hungry and cranky when it got started, then afterward, they made her wait a bit then gave her 2 ounces of Pedialyte and still made her wait some more before she could have some formula.

I was very thankful when it was all over.

Now we have to wait for the results. I’m trying not to be anxious about hearing them. They told me that within 48 hours the doctor would have them, so that would be by Friday, and now Monday is over and we still haven’t heard anything. I’m trying to remind myself that he probably has a lot of patients and maybe hasn’t had a chance to look at them yet.

I was also very thankful that I didn’t have to see my baby intubated again. When she was born, it became the every day. She had to have it all the time. Then it went away and a few days before coming home, she had her surgery. She came out of surgery still intubated for a while. It was hard enough then seeing my (relatively) big baby on a ventilator again. She’s not quite double now what she was then, I am glad the intubation was over before I had to see it this time.

K-bird Love

Kayleigh LOVES this commercial:

When it starts, she snaps her head towards the TV and will watch the whole thing.

Wait. I guess this goes for the whole household. :P

MRIs, lazy eyes, and chemo… oh, my.

Monday was K’s appointment with the neurologist. He asked lots of questions, observed her, and checked her out. Since she still has the nystagmus and sometimes holds her head in a strange way to look out of the corner of her eyes (rather than straight ahead) and since sometimes when she turns her head her eyes will follow late, he’s ordered an MRI. We know that the nystagmus is not caused by a problem in her eyes (according to the pediatric ophthalmologist) so this is the next step. The neurologist says that it could be caused by something in her brain but the other end of that is that if they don’t find it with the MRI, then it’s “just one of those things” and we may never know why it happens and she might grow out of it. A good thing to hear, too, was that he said the grade 1 brain hemorrhage is pretty much inconsequential. He said that almost always those grade 1’s amount to nothing. That is very good to know, the back of my mind has always been concerned with that maybe causing problems for her in the future. He also said that the main concern of the nystagmus, at least right now, is that it could cause tracking problems for her in the future, such as when she’s trying to read and needs to follow along a page in a line, etc.

so lame

I’m so lame when it comes to updating lately. It’s to my own detriment, however, as I’m really the one who cares and am the one likely to read the archives for various reasons. So I guess it doesn’t really matter. :P

Um, first round of chemo went well for my father-in-law. In fact, first they’d told him 3 days in a row, then when he went in, they said once a week, then afterward they said he didn’t have to go back for about 4 weeks. I take this as a good sign. Right? So he’ll be back in there in a couple of days and hopefully this time will go well also.

The job didn’t pan out. They sent me some lame letter that didn’t make any sense. Whatever, I wasn’t really looking forward to the 50 thousand tests and vaccinations I’d have to get to work in a hospital, anyway, even if it was just clerical.

Steve’s still laid off and it’s been almost 2 months. He doesn’t see anything turning around any time soon. So far, we’re ok, but I’m going to have to learn to pay the vehicle bill earlier, or something, so it doesn’t fall so close to the mortgage. Since we’re on a smaller budget now, of course. On one hand, the union sucks in this respect because with him laid off, they’ve essentially taken all his chances at a livelihood in his field. We’re starting to look at options outside of what he’s been trained to do. He can’t work as an electrician unless it’s through the union. It’s a catch-22.

I suppose that’s really it as far as lameness goes. I’ll have to try to update more often as there are good things in my life, too. Really, I’m pretty happy and content. I just get nervous, here lately, when I think about what is going to happen when unemployment runs out if neither of us have found something? That scares me, but a day at a time…