another gripe from yours truly

We all have our little pet peeves. Don’t deny it, somewhere out there is something that’s considered small to someone else, but to you, it just makes you crazy! And you know it! Today I got to experience one of those things.

We are in, what I guess you could call an club of sorts, an organization. You pay yearly membership fees and for the next 12 months you get mailings asking you to renew or send extra money in for this or that, blah blah blah. Yesterday, from this organization, we got a DVD.

I did not order this DVD.

They sent it to me without asking if it was ok or if I wanted it.

There’s a “handwritten” note on the form letter that says something like, “I know you didn’t request this DVD but I thought you should see for yourself how great it is.” Right.

So then if you keep the DVD, you have to pay $13. Otherwise, you have to check that you don’t want it and mail it back, so you’re not charged.

I mean, really, is that even fair to do to someone? Send them something they didn’t ask for and if they don’t return it, charge them for it? All the while claiming that they’re getting it for a very low price, since it “retails” for $19.99.

But the icing on the cake? If you keep the DVD and pay the $13, they’re going to send you more. More!! That’s right, you are now on a subscription list and you get to buy stupid DVDs every month or so.

the first one for thing two

100410-K1stBday My poor kids. Apparently they all get suckered out of their first birthdays. The same weekend as E’s first birthday, I was hosting a wedding shower. This time around? We have had to put on a new roof. Steve had already been working on it for days and on K’s birthday (Saturday) my dad came down to help him. Some of my in-laws were also by and we did have a little mini-party for K. However, one must also remember that she’s not really like a one year old, she’s more like 9 and a half months and is only just now getting a tooth popping through, so she can’t do a lot of the stuff other kids can on their first birthdays. I’m thinking that come her adjusted birthday (first anniversary of her due date), we could maybe do something a little more, then.

However, we had a good day. My father-in-law and I made hamburgers and he grilled them up, they were yummy. When my mother-in-law ran out to the store, I had her grab a red velvet cake from the grocery store. I got some raised eyebrows at that one but, really, it was too hot to run the oven, I was too busy to make a cake from scratch, and really, it was pretty darn good, who cares if a bakery made it? So K had her little “1” candle in the little red velvet cake and we carted it all outside since it was cooler out there and the lighting better. I gave her a little taste of icing, she shuddered and spit it out. That was the end of that.

So, welcome to one year, K. I can hardly believe it’s been that long. (And hopefully Daddy will be finished with the roof SOON.)

Easter 2010

100404-Easter Last year, on Easter, I was getting discharged from the hospital after 3 weeks and was forced to leave my little baby girl in the NICU where she’d be for the next 3 months and 1 day. This year, however, everything was different!

I am happy that I can reflect on the past year and say that I am glad for all of the progress she is made and that she was able to join us for our Easter celebration. As is tradition, we mostly just sat or stood around and ate and talked. But for the second time (in 3 years since we missed last year), I brought all of the stuff for the kids to color eggs right there then my sister and a cousin hid them for them. While it’s kind of a pain in the butt bringing everything over for that (in fact, I think I left my gallon jug of vinegar there lol), I think it’s a lot more fun because otherwise my kid and my niece would be coloring eggs alone. This way they can do it together and it also occupies some time. In fact, nearly everyone got involved this year, even if it was just to stand around and watch.

But a note to myself for next year: bring more eggs! We only started out with 18 and by the time we got started one was already broken. 17. Then as soon as my sister and cousin were hiding the eggs, the dog stole one and buried it. 16. Then the dog stole another. 15. Then we had an odd number and the kids were sort-of fighting over them. Elijah was getting mad because, for some reason, he has this firm belief that everything is a race and that he should always be first. (We’re working on that.) But overall, we all had fun.

Before we left, I had to sneak E’s eggs and give them to the dog. Don’t judge me. They STUNK. The night before when I’d boiled them, I’d left them to dry in the strainer and forgotten about them so they sat out all night. I put them in the fridge but they were only in there while I showered and dressed and got everyone else ready, etc. Then they sat in the Jeep during church before making it to my mom’s fridge for a while. At that point, they were already not for human consumption! Then the kids colored them and broke the shells in a million pieces. Right away, Elijah’s basket had broken and he was carrying it around by the end of the broken handle so the eggs kept dumping out on the ground. Trust me, it was not pretty! I’d tried to give one to the dog earlier and both kids freaked. So when they were occupied later, I took to it again. The dog loves eggs but she couldn’t eat them fast enough so before you knew it, I was chucking them at the guys… Steve, my brothers and brother-in-law. Then they were throwing them back. Their aim is better. And their throws are farther. Then my sister wound one up real tight and chucked it at her husband… and hit her car door. Oh, we laughed so hard. Everyone kept saying, “well it’s good they were hard boiled, how gross if it was raw.” Um, not quite. See that big fat dent there? :P

Oh, and people need to stop giving my almost-12-month-old-who-is-really-like-a-9-and-a-half-month-old-who-doesn’t-even-have-any-teeth-yet…… stop giving her chocolate, ’cause I end up eating it since she can’t!! lol ;-)

Et tu?

Oh, oh, I’m also happy we finally got a good photo of the 4 of us now that K is off the oxygen. It’s been a big hit, too, so far, what with K pulling on E’s shirt and all!