kidneys & ears

Yesterday K had her latest kidney ultrasound. This is the first one she wouldn’t sit still for, too! Screaming, her face turning bright red… then again when the urologist came in to see her. (Of course, I blame that one on him, coming right in the room and snatching her from Sarah. K’s all about no strangers right now.) The doctor said that it is hard to tell but it looks like that enlarged left kidney is getting better, but even if it’s not gotten better, it’s most certainly not worse.

We’re going to do another ultrasound, renal scan, and something else I can’t remember what it’s called but it involves a catheter, in late September or early October. This is going to be fun because she’s older now so she’s going to have to be sedated… and by “fun” I mean so totally NOT fun. But it has to be done because we’ll need to find out how that kidney is functioning, a year after the last scan. Of course, we hope it is the same or better. Worse will probably mean an imminent surgery. The same or better means we just keep monitoring it like we are now.

As for the ears, she had a hearing test today, which is, from what I understand, standard after a preemie is a year old. Well, we actually had half a hearing test as she would do part of it but wouldn’t let the lady do the other part. The part that she did do, however, had good results and she said she’d send them to the pediatrician who would decide if we should try again any time soon, or in 3 to 6 months like the lady recommended. Not sure how 6 months would make K better behaved and want to let people stick things in her ears, but, whatever. I think that if they do want to reschedule, I’ll see if we can do it closer to home. We really felt like we wasted a 140 mile trip for that today.

Froggie Blankie

Froggie Blankie Last weekend I finally finished up one of my crochet projects, a baby blanket for my friend who is having a boy.

I made the same pattern for Kayleigh last fall, only with pink, brown, and white. The pattern calls for sock monkey faces but I never did put the monkeys on her blanket, I didn’t like how they turned out and I never re-did them. As I was finishing up my friend’s blanket, I thought, what the heck, and gave it a try, making the little froggie as I went along.

My friend loved it and was visually surprised at the frog. She’d picked out what pattern to make but didn’t know the exact colors I was using and didn’t know it was going to have a frog. Not bad for my first time doing something like the frog, if I do say so myself. :)

(The original calls for two faces but I only did the one. Since I made it up as I went along, I am not sure I could duplicate it!)

And for you Ravelers, here is the link to my project page.

Monday, Monday

So my thumb is a lot better, but it looks, oh, so stinking gross. :P
It blistered for about 24 hours then started going down. Now it is this weird brown color and peeling. Yick. But I’m glad it’s healing so fast. That’s not a typical thing with me, seems like usually everything heals very slow!

I am working this week, but it’s only 3 days. Filling in for some friends – their secretary is on vacation. I am wiped out. It was a very busy day today. I am told that next time should be better, but I am not so sure, haha.

Bethany & Shawn Had a photo shoot Sunday afternoon. It was so hot but I am very pleased with the results. Really, probably more than any other shoot so far, the percentage of photos that are good is probably about 98%. They were very easy-going subject, very relaxed and natural. I had fun! Tomorrow I’m going to add them to my site and get her CD out to her.

Speaking of my site, I’ve been working on something where people can order prints if they want. It wasn’t something I planned on doing but it’s been requested. I guess giving out the CD is great for most people but others don’t have time or don’t want to mess with printing what they want and would rather choose them online and pay. I looked into some services that do all of this for you (you upload, people order there, and they fulfill the orders) and a couple of programs you can install but every option I’ve found that’s meant for what I need it for is very expensive. I wouldn’t mind spending $329 on a certain program if I was making enough money right now, but if I’m going to spend a lot of money, I’d rather get another lens I have in mind! Instead, I installed Zenphoto and found a plugin for adding photos to your PayPal “cart.” I think it will work out just fine for now. I am just trying to figure out an issue my theme is having with any browser other than FireFox, and I’ll be good to go!

another stupid mistake

So yesterday I did a stupid thing. I know, I know, what else is new?

I had some potatoes in the microwave, baking in a plastic bag. The bag sealed itself shut so I stopped the microwave and waited for it to deflate, then I opened it. Big mistake. There was still plenty of pressure and the steam burst out and I guess I have a 2nd degree burn on my left thumb now. It blistered up immediately.

I immediately put it under running cold water and ended up doing that several times before getting some ice on it. Any time I’d take the ice off for more than 20 or 30 seconds, it would start burning again.

I had to go to the grocery store bakery (our only one in town!) to order a cake for this weekend so while I was there I got myself some stuff for burns and once it took effect, it really felt a lot better.

Hopefully this blister and stuff will go away soon! Eventually I’m going to need to do some dishes, and type with two hands, lol… Oy, but will there ever be an end to my stupidity??

E’s Glasses

100518 - E's New Glasses We got the call this morning that his glasses were in so we went right down to pick them up. I have to admit, he is incredibly cute in them, but it’s almost like I’m looking at a completely different kid!

He did pretty well with them on for his first day. He’s still not used to them so he keeps playing with them, pushing on them and fingerprinting them and what not. And when he was watching TV at one point, I looked over and he was watching over the glasses. Eventually they will become second nature to him, though, it’s just extra hard for him because he can see without them with that perfect eyesight in the one eye. I am just more worried about him breaking them. The ear pieces will bend all the way out, so that is good. He seems to want K to rip them off his face, though, so he kept getting in her face and I had to keep telling him to back off. Eventually she will be used to them too, she must have stared at him all day!

Hopefully they will help, he’s going to see the ophthalmologist again in July to see if there’s been any progress. My understanding is that we hope that if the left eye can see, it will start actually being used and hopefully get stronger and improve vision-wise.