E’s Glasses

100518 - E's New Glasses We got the call this morning that his glasses were in so we went right down to pick them up. I have to admit, he is incredibly cute in them, but it’s almost like I’m looking at a completely different kid!

He did pretty well with them on for his first day. He’s still not used to them so he keeps playing with them, pushing on them and fingerprinting them and what not. And when he was watching TV at one point, I looked over and he was watching over the glasses. Eventually they will become second nature to him, though, it’s just extra hard for him because he can see without them with that perfect eyesight in the one eye. I am just more worried about him breaking them. The ear pieces will bend all the way out, so that is good. He seems to want K to rip them off his face, though, so he kept getting in her face and I had to keep telling him to back off. Eventually she will be used to them too, she must have stared at him all day!

Hopefully they will help, he’s going to see the ophthalmologist again in July to see if there’s been any progress. My understanding is that we hope that if the left eye can see, it will start actually being used and hopefully get stronger and improve vision-wise.