Monday, Monday

So my thumb is a lot better, but it looks, oh, so stinking gross. :P
It blistered for about 24 hours then started going down. Now it is this weird brown color and peeling. Yick. But I’m glad it’s healing so fast. That’s not a typical thing with me, seems like usually everything heals very slow!

I am working this week, but it’s only 3 days. Filling in for some friends – their secretary is on vacation. I am wiped out. It was a very busy day today. I am told that next time should be better, but I am not so sure, haha.

Bethany & Shawn Had a photo shoot Sunday afternoon. It was so hot but I am very pleased with the results. Really, probably more than any other shoot so far, the percentage of photos that are good is probably about 98%. They were very easy-going subject, very relaxed and natural. I had fun! Tomorrow I’m going to add them to my site and get her CD out to her.

Speaking of my site, I’ve been working on something where people can order prints if they want. It wasn’t something I planned on doing but it’s been requested. I guess giving out the CD is great for most people but others don’t have time or don’t want to mess with printing what they want and would rather choose them online and pay. I looked into some services that do all of this for you (you upload, people order there, and they fulfill the orders) and a couple of programs you can install but every option I’ve found that’s meant for what I need it for is very expensive. I wouldn’t mind spending $329 on a certain program if I was making enough money right now, but if I’m going to spend a lot of money, I’d rather get another lens I have in mind! Instead, I installed Zenphoto and found a plugin for adding photos to your PayPal “cart.” I think it will work out just fine for now. I am just trying to figure out an issue my theme is having with any browser other than FireFox, and I’ll be good to go!