Froggie Blankie

Froggie Blankie Last weekend I finally finished up one of my crochet projects, a baby blanket for my friend who is having a boy.

I made the same pattern for Kayleigh last fall, only with pink, brown, and white. The pattern calls for sock monkey faces but I never did put the monkeys on her blanket, I didn’t like how they turned out and I never re-did them. As I was finishing up my friend’s blanket, I thought, what the heck, and gave it a try, making the little froggie as I went along.

My friend loved it and was visually surprised at the frog. She’d picked out what pattern to make but didn’t know the exact colors I was using and didn’t know it was going to have a frog. Not bad for my first time doing something like the frog, if I do say so myself. :)

(The original calls for two faces but I only did the one. Since I made it up as I went along, I am not sure I could duplicate it!)

And for you Ravelers, here is the link to my project page.