kidneys & ears

Yesterday K had her latest kidney ultrasound. This is the first one she wouldn’t sit still for, too! Screaming, her face turning bright red… then again when the urologist came in to see her. (Of course, I blame that one on him, coming right in the room and snatching her from Sarah. K’s all about no strangers right now.) The doctor said that it is hard to tell but it looks like that enlarged left kidney is getting better, but even if it’s not gotten better, it’s most certainly not worse.

We’re going to do another ultrasound, renal scan, and something else I can’t remember what it’s called but it involves a catheter, in late September or early October. This is going to be fun because she’s older now so she’s going to have to be sedated… and by “fun” I mean so totally NOT fun. But it has to be done because we’ll need to find out how that kidney is functioning, a year after the last scan. Of course, we hope it is the same or better. Worse will probably mean an imminent surgery. The same or better means we just keep monitoring it like we are now.

As for the ears, she had a hearing test today, which is, from what I understand, standard after a preemie is a year old. Well, we actually had half a hearing test as she would do part of it but wouldn’t let the lady do the other part. The part that she did do, however, had good results and she said she’d send them to the pediatrician who would decide if we should try again any time soon, or in 3 to 6 months like the lady recommended. Not sure how 6 months would make K better behaved and want to let people stick things in her ears, but, whatever. I think that if they do want to reschedule, I’ll see if we can do it closer to home. We really felt like we wasted a 140 mile trip for that today.

Speaking of which, I am so tired of going to Children’s Hospital. That is where we go for the kidney stuff and I’m glad it’s not more often or for anything else. I guess it’s just the downside of going to an inner city hospital but I am so tired of the traffic, the rudeness of the security guards, the horrible cafe, limited parking, etc. Yesterday I just kept thinking of how glad I was that K was in the other hospital (where we did the hearing test) for 3 months and not Children’s. They are probably the same distance away but the other one, Steve and I both love it, it may not be geared towards kids but we think it’s better.

Plus, one of the things yesterday that really annoyed me was that when we were walking in, we were in between two groups of adults without children, yet the security guard saw fit to yell across the lobby to me, someone who had a baby and another minor with her and would have appeared to have more of a reason to be there than those other adults without children, and single me out and ask me what my business was there. Honestly, I think it was some racial discrimination, I don’t understand why else he should not have had all of those childless adults sign in and get guest tags like they’re supposed to and yet pick on me.