the eyes of thing one

So the other day was K and E’s appointments with the ophthalmologist. K was just having a follow-up, of course, after all of her NICU stuff. E was a different story, though. In March, he had an eye test with the optometrist who found out within seconds, that his left eye is lazy. It is the true definition of “lazy” – it looks fine, it points the right directions but he is apparently 90% on his way to being blind in that eye. His vision in that eye is 20/400 while his right eye is 20/20!

The first step is to try glasses. We ordered them that same day and hopefully they will be in early this next week. Since the lenses are going to be super thick, they are using the thinnest kind possible, which is quite expensive. But to save us money, since the right eye doesn’t need much correction at all, they’re just using “normal” lenses in that side. The doctor seemed to say that contacts would be better, but because E is only 6, we’re not going to do those now. I’d end up being the one having to put them in and I don’t even put them in my own eyes. I don’t think I can do it and even if I could, I think he’d fight me too much. When he gets older, he can get some if he wants – as it seems he’s going to have to have correction forever. The doctor gives the chances of his eye catching up with the other one as “fair to poor.”

It’s just another unwanted thing we have going on right now. It’s crazy how much is going on right now. Of course, I am happy it’s not something untreatable or terminal, it’s just eyesight in one eye, but still…

So we will see how this goes. Most likely he’s also going to have to start wearing a patch. The doctor wants to see him again in July after he’s had some time with the glasses. So we’ll see…


Yes, I am alive. Alive and pretty well at that. I can’t seem to keep my head straight these days. I just logged in here to see I have 3 drafts started. Apparently I have no concentration to ever finish anything. We’ll see if this one makes it.

It just seems that one thing after another is staring me in the face and I’m absolutely swamped. I have about a billion websites I’m supposed to be working on, several photo shoots that need to be processed and sent to the proper people, a couple of books I’m supposed to be making, lots of crochet projects… then there’s the every day stuff.

Sandy & Jon Well, one thing at a time. I’m only even sitting here at 2 am because I’m waiting for a very large batch of photos to upload. I finally got through all the photos my friend and I shot at my brother-in-law’s wedding 2 weeks ago. I did not give myself enough time to get through this, on the cards we gave out that told people when and where they could find photos. Next time I’ll remember to give myself more time! On the other hand, I had no idea that we were going to shoot 1900 pictures, either… We got a lot of good stuff though and I’m also going to upload some to Facebook, but that’s going to have to wait until tomorrow… er… later today.

In fact, I’m such a busy idiot that I double booked us this coming week for doctor’s appointments! K currently has an appointment in one hospital for a kidney ultrasound then consultation with the doctor at the same time she has an appointment in another hospital (30-60 min apart depending on traffic) for a follow up with the lung doctor and then the pediatric ophthalmologist, E is seeing the ophthalmologist, too! The lung and eye stuff was set first, back in December, which would be apparently why I didn’t have it in mind when I said “yes” to the other appointment which was set in March. So first thing Monday morning I get to change the kidney appointments, I think it will be easier to move those than the others. Ugh I’m just frustrated with myself.