ahhh, yes, we have no jumper cables

Coming in for a landing Today we went down to my grandpa’s farm for a bbq with the extended family. They did this last year on Father’s Day weekend, too, but I didn’t get to go because I went to see K in the hospital like I did every other day for those 3 months. Not only did I get to go this year, but so did K! This was the only the first or second time that most of these people had seen her. One aunt/uncle set hadn’t seen her since she was about a week old in the hospital and another set hadn’t seen her at all. One of the drawbacks of her situation, we had to skip Christmas last year. Hopefully this year we won’t have to.

So, anyway, Steve spent a lot of time preparing for this thing. He cooked all of the meat on Friday and took baked beans and home-grown salad and a ton of other stuff including provisions for the guys to shoot clays. So we ate, they shot, my grandpa and two of his friends had a jam session and made my sister sing…

Then E and I went out with 4 of my cousins and my aunt and her boyfriend on the 4-wheelers. E rode with one of my cousins then moved over (though great complaints) to my 4-wheeler, switching with my youngest cousin. E was mad about it. Apparently he can have fun with the cousin who’d tripped him earlier that day, but not his own mother. Hurt my feelings a bit, but I know he’s just a kid and one that likes to do things differently, at that. He was also a little unnerved that we were now the FOURTH 4-wheeler (lykeohmygoshwebelastinline). Of course, once I told him that we were last in line so we didn’t get any spiderwebs in our faces, he shut up about everything and had some fun! I’ll have to tell him tomorrow, and prove myself right, that my aunt got a VERY large and thick web in her face at one point. EWWWWW.

We went across the road to the rest of Grandpa’s property, through fields and such, entering some wooded trails. It was all just SO completely gorgeous. Especially a field that was absolutely filled to the brim with tiny little wild daisies. They were everywhere. I’d have taken some pictures but I had to drive.

Coming down a large hill in the wooded trails (which need to be re-cleared again), my 4-wheeler decided it was going to die. I couldn’t switch gears and when we shut it off, it wouldn’t come back on. Turned out it was a dead battery. (Read: SO not my fault.) We had to eventually “abandon ship,” as my aunt said, and triple up on two of the 4-wheelers and head back as it was a few miles yet and we’d already stalled quite a while. When we got back, one of my cousins said to his sister, “what took you so long, you were gone 2 and a half hours!” Oops. I had no idea it had been so long, but, hey, I’m usually the one jipped of a good time, so I deserve it, so there! My brother and a cousin’s husband ended up taking a 4-wheeler back out to where we’d left the stupid thing and jumping it. They got it going and he had to drive back the whole way in first gear. THAT sucked. Maybe next time we’ll all pack jumper cables… and water… and food… E was totally freaking out. He thought were were going to be lost in the woods forever and starve to death.

Through it all, I am proud of myself to have returned UN-sunburned. Yay me! Incredibly dirty (not yay for fields of “wheat” that send seeds flying at your face at 30 mph), but not sunburned! So then there was some more sitting around and then some waiting (for me) to get some good shots of the hummingbirds before heading home. So now I sit, too tired to get out of this chair! I can’t wait to go through some more of my photos, though… tomorrow!