chew on this

So K is a little behind in the eating area, I think. It’s taken her a while to go from the baby foods to start gnawing on more solid foods. We’ve been trying to give her little bits of things, tiny bits, but she’d often act like everything was sour to taste and make a face and shake her head before spitting it out. Over the last week or so, though, she seems to be doing better. She takes the little Gerber puffs, which I like because of their ability to dissolve quickly (unlike Cheerios or something) and she’s started with some biter biscuits, too. She seems to go through phases where she’ll do really well with foods and then she’ll reject everything for a while. Earlier this evening, she was taking the puffs really well, and she took a big bite out of a biter biscuit with no prodding and handled it well. However, then she dropped it on the floor and the dog grabbed it.

The one thing that I still don’t get, though, is that she seems to have this really sensitive gag reflex or something. Everything that goes in her mouth, it seems like she gags for a split second each time.

That was actually one of the more humorous gags, but you can hear it slightly there before she pulls it back into her mouth. Usually she keeps it in her mouth and does the gag noise. Most of them she actually ate, too, this time around, anyway. At first I thought it was because I was putting it in her mouth, but she seems to do that when she feeds herself, too. (Which she’s still having a bit of trouble doing with these things since they’re small.)

I hope we get there soon, though, because I’m so done with baby food. I think she is, too, really. She really wants to feed herself (most of the time) so I almost have to hold her hands down to get a bite into her mouth or she flings it all over the walls and my face, etc. We also have an infant feeder so that helps there.

She’s on formula yet through July, too, per pediatrician’s orders. I’m ready for the transition to milk! I’ve given her a very little bit here and there so I guess once we hit July we’ll start increasing the amount of milk and reducing the formula amount in each bottle.

And along these same lines, I’d love, love, LOVE it if this child would stop gritting her teeth! That would make me very very happy indeed. I can’t stand that noise, and it’s not good for her teeth either. I don’t know what to do to make her quit though??? Help!