good riddance, Godaddy!

Just a few minutes ago I accepted the last domain on a batch of transfers I am taking away from to a new registrar. That brings me pretty much to the close of getting away from them. I’ve been moving my domains in small batches here and there as they come up for renewal and have moved all but one domain and have gotten my SSL elsewhere, too. The one domain that remains is a ws and my new registrar doesn’t take those, so I’m going to have to find a place for that or cancel it when it comes due again. Really, it’s one of mine specifically and I don’t really need it anyway. My couple of hundred bucks spent on domains a year is only a drop in the bucket to GoDaddy, but it’s the principle of the thing.

Why am I leaving? I am so very sick and utterly tired of their ads. Yup, that’s mostly it. I am tired of being a party to using sex and the female body to sell domains, and in a raunchy way at that. Shame on you, Danica Patrick, Bob Parsons, etc. I mean, really. The ads are offensive, demeaning to women, they insult the intelligence of men, and they are just plain… bad.

So good riddance, GoDaddy. I will NOT miss you.


Purple Hydrangeas So, I am totally excited because I have never had my hydrangea bush put out purple flowers before. Usually they are pink.

However, the bush is supposed to be some sort of hybrid that would put out red, white, and blue blooms. It’s never done that either, though. But maybe now it is trying? I think maybe it doesn’t have some acidy enough soil? Either way, they’ve always been pink.

The other night I noticed one bloom under the patio table (which is pushed up close to the bush at the edge of the patio) that was half pink and half purple, the upper half being purple. Then on the other side of the bush, in the shade of the lilac bush, are several purple blooms. This makes me wonder if the shade has something to do with it. I did notice a few weeks ago that the blooms in the shade seemed to be doing better than those that got more sun. But, really, I have a brown thumb, so the fact that this thing is alive at all speaks for itself… I know nothing.


ready for planting So yes, Thursday we spent out anniversary driving to Iowa and back. Why…? So Steve could sign the union books there! One of the other guys in the union here told him that Cedar Rapids’ books are moving somewhat so he decided to go up and sign. Basically, when a guy is laid off, he “signs the books” which puts him in line for a job. Steve is something like number 700 which means that there are 699 guys that get to get called for a job before him. And the books are not moving. He can go sign at any local office within the union so he has already signed several in Illinois and now Cedar Rapids.

It was a long, tiring day. We started as early as possible but still not as early as we’d planned. It was just under 6 hours to get up there, then 6 back. However, halfway up, we realized the air conditioner was not working, and boy, was it a hot day. We ended up spending way too much time on that, stopping several times on the way up, and several on the way back, just so he could mess with it. Thankfully, as of last night (Sunday) he finally got it fixed. It was NOT fun in the meantime, though.

But the highlight of the day was really getting to meet a long-time internet friend, Chris. However, the time we both had was entirely way too short. We were very disappointed that we weren’t able to sit down and chat, however, if Steve gets called, we’ll be in the area a lot more! And, thanks again, to Chris, for lunch, we really do appreciate it.

It was pretty funny, though, we were in his workplace and he came in and the first thing he said was to Elijah: “so, you must be Elijah!” Then when we left, Elijah was really quiet. He got into his seat in the Jeep and then said, “How does he know us!?” lol. My bad, really, I have a habit of NOT telling E things such as, we are going to go here or we are going to see so-and-so. Because if I do tell him, he asks me about it constantly until it happens. So I like for things to be a surprise lol, so he had no idea we were meeting a friend.

Leaving there, we continued to Cedar Rapids. Took us a few minutes to find the hall, thankyouverymuch Google Maps. I guess all the mapping sites do this, I don’t know, but sometimes it really aggravates me how Google will give you way too many steps, such as, 1) be on this highway, 2) take the exit ramp, 3) merge into traffic, etc. Just tell me: Highway A to Exit 3, turn left. That is easy. We got confused getting off the main highway because Google told us to take such and such highway towards such and such city. Well, towards that city was a left, but we needed to go right on a highway that Google hadn’t even mentioned. It was so weird but we made it.

After that, we had lunch in the park and let the kids stretch. E was happy because there was a good-sized playground there. K, however, was not. I’d thought that she’d like to get out and stretch in her pack and play for a bit but, no, she would not let me put her down! As dumb as it sounds, too, I really liked the park because the pavilion was clean! I mean, most of the parks I’ve been to down here, if not all, the pavilions are kind of nasty. Bird poo on the tables and seats, yucky floors. This one looked like it had recently been swept, the trash cans actually had bags in them and were empty or near empty, there were no visible birds’ nests or insect homes. It was really nice!

Steve was getting on my nerves on the way back though, haha. Well, between Cedar Rapids and Iowa City. He wanted to find a Wal-Mart in Iowa City to try and fix the a/c but he wasn’t first at clear where he wanted to try and find a store so we kept ending up getting off the highway too early! We were both frustrated with one another but it was funny because I was misunderstanding him and saying “yes, this is the exit you mean” then he would get mad because it wasn’t the right exit, haha. But we made it and while in the store, I totally scored in yarn, half off on a lot of stuff I needed for some projects.

Then it was back towards home, again. Stopping for fuel and it seemed like every half an hour after that. We finally got dinner back in Missouri, at Hannibal. Steve wanted to go to Golden Corral (it turns out that advertising works on him) but was very disappointed in the food. I said, “what did you expect?” It’s like a Ryan’s which he’s now decided he hates. I did feel bad for the waitress, though, and left her the biggest tip possible. My children are a big mess! K was “eating” some of those Gerber puffs and they all ended up on the floor as well as Elijah’s shredded cheese, since he thought it would be funny to fling it around while he ate it.

From there it was about 3 hours home and we made it without much incident. What a long day.

Now, sending vibes up there for them to call Steve for work!! :)

10 Years

June 3, 2000 On Thursday Steve and I ushered in our 10th wedding anniversary. I say “ushered” because we haven’t had the opportunity to properly celebrate yet. I haven’t even given him the card I had for him yet… oops. In fact, we spent the day driving to and from Iowa… long story for later.

I can’t say I never thought we’d see 10 years because I always knew that we would. And provided neither of us dies before then, I know we will see our 20th, 30th, 50th, etc. What I didn’t think I would see is us still living in this tiny house! I think we originally planned to be out within about 3 years. Ahhh but what you gonna do? I can say that even though we are cramped and space is a rare commodity, we are blessed to have a low mortgage payment that will be paid off within the next 7 1/2 years, especially with Steve laid off right now.

So much has happened in the last 10 years, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Love this man.

Video Cap: Steve, groomsmen, Cracker Jacks