morning glories are annoying!

Morning Glories I used to adore morning glories. Now they just annoy me, any time I walk out my door! I was blaming this on the year my sister-in-law and I planted a bunch here but the ones that are annoying me now seem to be a wild breed. Instead of the large blue or pink flowers, they have tiny white flowers… when it actually blooms. In past years, that’s how it’s bloomed, I’m not sure if it is blooming this year, or just growing absolutely out of control.

Last year with everything happening and all the hospital stuff, the weeds in the boxes here got really out of hand. I ended up paying a friend’s son a little something to just rip everything out in the early fall, and I mean everything. But the morning glories, they have come out again. I started out in the spring with good intentions. I was pulling them out every time I’d find one but I missed one day and it was a big job then I was gone for a couple of days and there was no turning back.

Now the box in the back is just totally over-grown with these stupid things. We have a tall metal stick thing to hang a bird feeder on, I think it’s completely covered. I only had 2 gladiolas peek through and I wouldn’t be surprised if the one remaining rose bush is near death.

But I decided, as horrible as it looks right now, I don’t care!! There is no way I can manage this, it’s absolutely insane. So when fall hits, the idea is to just totally re-do everything. Totally dig it out, dirt and everything. I’m not sure how effective this will be but maybe if I can get rid of even the good stuff, when the bad stuff starts peeking out, I can get rid of it. If I can do that, maybe I can prevent it from getting out of control and seeding next year, even if it means a year of NO vegetation in the back box.

Plus, I have another motive. Out front we have a rather steep hillside that’s pretty much useless. For example, when it snows, you could sled it but you’d end up in the middle of the highway. Technically, we don’t own that land, it’s state land, the easement to the highway, but apparently we have to take care of it anyway. We did find when the lawn mower was broken for a couple of weeks that if it gets too bad, the highway department will weed hack it but they don’t do a very good job. Steve has been annoyed by the hillside of death ever since we moved in. He mows it but a few years ago he came up with a new idea and planted some ivy.

The idea is to get the ivy to grow on the hillside and no one has to mow it and risk their life in a battle of wits with a mower or weed hacker. So he spent a whole $50 gift card and a lot of time on ivy… that subsequently croaked. Dead as a doornail.

Then he tried some he found out at his mom’s, dug it up and replanted it. Most of it has died.

The little bit that survived? The guy who mows the neighbor’s lawn thought he would be “helpful” and mowed 3 feet into our side and cut it all down. Steve had to tell him, hey, dude, I’m trying to grow something here…

So I thought – and I’m not sure why I didn’t think of this before – why not let the already out-of-control wild morning glory seed out then plant or at least throw the seeds on the hillside? The way this thing grows, if no one messes with it, it could work. Of course, when fall comes it all dies off and turns brown, but who cares?! Everything is brown in the fall and winter. When spring comes, it’s so hardy that the green will soon overtake the brown again.

It would be so nice if this would work. And in my sleep deprived mind, I don’t see why it shouldn’t work. After all, so far my brown thumb grows morning glories so well that I can’t get rid of them. Would be easy to mow it at the top of the hill so it doesn’t extend too far, but the biggest pain with cutting the grass would be over. So we shall see what we shall see. Oh it would be really nice too, to fill the ditch alongside the highway so the trash people throw out of their vehicles doesn’t clock the pipe that goes under the road. Dirty litter bugs. :P

(Seriously, why should WE have to pick up YOUR trash because you are too LAZY to take it to a trash can? I don’t want to touch your spent beer cans, ew!)

berries & herbs

A few days ago when I was in the basement, I noticed a somewhat pleasant smell. It wasn’t particularly to my liking but it didn’t stink, either. I wasn’t really thinking about it and just assumed that Steve must have put in a scented air conditioner filter, or something. To tell you the truth, I don’t even know why that thought occurred to me, I don’t even know if they make such a thing. Not my job around here!

So the next night, we were upstairs in the living room and I noticed it again. I asked him about it but not only could he not smell it, he denied changing anything anywhere. Back to the basement to investigate. When I got downstairs, it was really strong… and not so pleasant anymore.

When storing candle scents, it’s no secret that you’re supposed to put them in a cool, dark place. However, they don’t tell you that if your bottles are plastic and have seams… Well, the bottles start sucking in like they’re trying to fit in last year’s prom dress and it just keeps going, going going… until the seam breaks open.

Then, your whole house smells like Berries & Herbs!

I have to tell you, I have customers that really love this scent, but I do not like it, at all. It was fine when it had apparently first started and wasn’t that strong, but now it is really strong. You get used to it for a while but then if you leave the house for even just a few minutes and come back in… oy!

I’m told there are worse things my house could smell like, and that’s true, but yuck! Thankfully, however, it doesn’t seem to be bothering K and once I get used to it again, it doesn’t bother me either. Nothing I can do about it though. When I finally found the problem, the big box that a lot of scents are stored in was soaked as well as part of another box and the whole area of wooden shelving that the boxes sit on. Even if I manage to get the box out, the shelves will be in this house until the end of time. So I didn’t even bother with it, it will eventually evaporate out. I did, however, go around to all the bottles, letting air into the ones that looked like they could break, too. I’m not really sure if that’s a long-term solution.

I’m torn, though, between being glad it wasn’t one of my absolutely best sellers and wishing it was a scent I liked better.


Invitations The other evening I finally finished up and mailed out my sister-in-law’s wedding invitations. It was all a lot of work but it was also fun to see it all come together. I started with some of those print-your-own invitations but altered them a bit to add the ribbons. Putting those ribbons in was the biggest pain in the butt, with the punching of the holes coming in at a close second. I also did the shower invitations, of course, and now all of that is thankfully sent off. I didn’t really like mailing the invites and the shower invites at the same time but we don’t have a lot of time, either. I’ve also designed and ordered the mini Moo cards that will be given out to guests to tell them when and where to view the wedding photos as I’m also heading up photography. Going to be a bit interesting, I think. There are a few things I am iffy about but Steve is out at the moment getting me some PVC pipe to build something to offset these possible hurdles. :)

fever, slips, & other craziness

It all started Saturday. When I got K out of bed, I noticed she was quite warm. She had a temperature of 100.9 at the time. Gave her some ibuprofen (did you know that it’s very hard to find acetaminophen right now?) and I took E to church. Poor fever girl had to stay home with Daddy. While I was gone, he took her temperature and it was 99.6. Ended up giving her more ibuprofen once more.

This morning, it was even higher at 101.4. So we called the doctor. Of course, our pediatrician is on vacation! Nothing against her (oh my, I love her like I’ve never loved a doctor), everyone needs a vacation! However, it just figures! The last time E and I were sick, our doctor was out, too!

However, they made an appointment for us to come in at 11:45. That only gave us an hour and forty minutes to get ready and get there, and we ended up being 17 minutes late. So we got to wait, some more.

Oh, yes, this is where parents everywhere are gasping that we bothered to take her to the doctor at this point. Let me explain. She had no other symptoms that we could see, so with someone with her kidney and bladder issues? She needs to be checked right away for infections in those areas. I honestly can’t remember the temperature limit we were told for bringing her in for this but when talking to the on-call nurse she said we should take K in. I think the limit is somewhere around 100 or 101. Oh, and this is K’s FIRST fever. I don’t even remember her having any in the NICU and she has, in her 15 months, not been sick.