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Old Cape Courthouse Gazebo So the wedding is about a week away now and I am totally excited, but also nervous. Of course! I’m told that being nervous is a good thing because it means I care, I care to do a good job, I don’t want to mess up the photography of someone’s special day. I guess being nervous is the opposite of arrogance. At least I hope so.

I am more than prepared, though. All I have to do is meet with my other photographer (maybe we will go equipment shopping) and buy another big box of AA batteries. At the last wedding, I started with a full camera battery and didn’t even get close to have to changing that, despite about 900 photos or so. I had to change my flash batteries once but I like to have more than just one set on hand!

The one thing that really makes me the most nervous, though, is the weather. This wedding is outside so i am really praying for no rain and for decent temperatures. So far we are looking at a 0% chance of precipitation, 5 mile and hour winds, high of 81° and mostly cloudy. In a word: AWESOME! I could stand for it to be a little cooler, but I would be happy with that weather for sure. I am also checking the weather forecasts obsessively from here on out. (Typical.)

I have lots of ideas in mind though and I hope that everyone is cooperative and happy to participate! Not so much the wedding party – they HAVE to be – but I have a couple of photos in mind that are going to require participation on the part of MANY more people! I know SOME people are going to be hesitant… ahem… but maybe I can throw some weight around. :P

I made it…

I made it… I’m 29.

For the last several years, I’ve had this irrational and unfounded fear I wouldn’t live to be 29. Long story. But I made it.

Steve took me out today for a late lunch. It was really nice especially when considering I wasn’t making a big deal out of anything and wasn’t planning on doing anything. My week’s been so busy, I was actually planning on just staying home. We ate Italian and it was, oh, so good, then went around to a few stores including one where we finally got my boys some new dress shirts for the wedding next month. Matching shirts, actually. Different ties, though. Not quite the colors I would have liked, but Steve is actually very picky! The pastel green that he has worn before… he’s only done that under duress.

And at current count there are no less than 80 wall posts from 80 friends wishing me a happy birthday on Facebook. Just really nice to know that people care enough to take even just a little bit of time out of their day…

busy bee

I’ve had a lot going on this week! Really need some serious catch-up time on housework, but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen for another few days yet.

Sunday night I went out with two of my sisters-in-law, my new one and Steve’s sister that’s getting married next month and moving several states away. We just did dinner and a movie again, but it’s great fun. Just last month we did this and saw Grown Ups (which we all three absolutely loved) but we figured we’d better have some time together while we can. This time we saw Dinner for Schmucks which was amusing. Heh, this is a lot of movie time for me, 3 this year, rofl! Usually I’m there once a year or less! For dinner, we went to a Cajun place that Steve is always saying we need to go to, it was pretty good! Was really nice before people started showing up, but then it got hot and stuffy in there pretty quickly. I wasn’t too happy with that since we’d already spent time in the heat timing the wedding processional at the outdoor venue, so I was very glad to move to the cool movie theater.

bedtime woes

E has always been hard to get to bed, but I’m not sure he’s ever acted like K is acting now (at her age). She is just throwing an absolute FIT at bedtime. She goes initially just fine and then she’ll play a bit and then playing turns to grumping and that turns to yelling and crying. Attempts to get her to calm down are useless. Often she gets back up for a while and plays while being grumpy. Actually, she’s not grumpy if you let her get her way, but get between her and what she wants… you’re gonna pay for it. In fact, she’s up again now. Of course, her being up makes it harder to get E to bed, he thinks he gets to stay up if she does.

The last two nights, and now tonight, have been absolutely torture to get this child to sleep. I feel bad letting her cry at all, probably because it hasn’t really been an issue in the past, but I don’t know what to do with this kid! She’s really been throwing tantrums lately, too. She’s started throwing her arms straight up to try and get away from someone who’s holding her and a few minutes ago when I wouldn’t let her go, she turned around and clawed once at my face.

People would tell me that after having E and then everything I went through with K that I deserved a calm, quiet child… yeah, right! She’s just like E is, already! She’s 16 months (13 adjusted) and going on 30. :P


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