NICU Reunion

Yesterday was Kayleigh’s first NICU reunion. She is too young yet to have appreciated it, though, so maybe next time will be more fun for her. She was a little cranky to begin with due to, um, constipation, and then all the people just stressed her out more. So we left quite early but in the short time we were there, it was really good to see all the preemie graduates as well as one of our favorite nurses (pictured with K), a lovely woman who was one of K’s primaries.

They gave out t-shirts to the graduates, though, so K will have that to remember. Elijah went around and played a few games then he and Steve got some Ted Drewes. Trust me, I was jealous, I can’t have any. They had some other activities we didn’t get to visit, including karaoke. Not that anyone in our family would ever attempt that, but there were some kids actually singing and it was incredibly cute.

On our way out, Ronald McDonald was just arriving and he took some time to pose with E. Cracked me up because E just kept saying, “I didn’t know he was a real guy! I can’t believe it, I didn’t know he was real!!”

Worldwide Day of Play?

What a stupid joke.

As we speak, Nickelodeon has gone off the air for 3 hours while they just tell you that it’s the worldwide day of play and that you should (also) shut down your computer and go outside and play… “we are, too!”

What a joke. Kids who can and want to be outside playing, they already are! Those that don’t want to, uhhh they’re just changing the channel… like we did. E can’t play outside now, Daddy is out there roofing on the garage. Despite the beautiful day, I can’t take him to a park or something right now, K’s down for her nap and I have way too much work here in the house to do. ALSO, not to mention, he’s suffering from allergies right now. Poor kid.

Really, I mean, sure, encourage kids to go outside and play all you want but going off the air is just ridiculous. I’m sure it’s raining somewhere. I’m sure some kids live in bad neighborhoods or don’t have yards or for whatever other reasoncan’t go outside. Rubbing that fact in their faces just upsets them. But whatever, Nick, whatever you want to do, it IS your station, after all. It just really seems pointless to me. Especially when my kid just flips it to somewhere else for the meantime… (Not to mention, Nick and NickW aren’t coordinated so NickW is going strong.)

Not that he’s going to watch TV all day but he usually does – on Saturday – when K is napping. House is too small, there’s really not much else to do since he can’t go outside today. He’s already spent the morning being creative, I think he deserves some TV if that’s what he wants.

another late night

Waiting, waiting, waiting on files… 300 photos left to convert before I can start the next, even larger, batch and leave it running while I go to bed. I’m afraid to see the total number of photos from the last wedding, even though I narrowed everything down to the best one of each pose, etc. Well, I did for the most part. There are some I don’t want to narrow down just yet because they are, for instance, a very large group (ie all wedding guests plus the wedding party) and I might need to do some face swaps yet. I’m really anxious to get these up though, I feel like I’ve taken too long. Of course, I’ve still got over a week before my deadline, so maybe I just need to chill out.

However, it is true, my friend and I have officially gone into business together. Last week she set up our LLC and got our EIN, etc. Today I started our checking account. But because of this, I’ve been working like crazy. Processing not just the wedding photos but 4 senior shoots and an 18 month old that I photographed yesterday. Add to all of that the website. I still don’t have it going yet. Trying to get our proofing gallery going now… But it’s all very exciting and is really taking off so far.

Ah, but the weird smell in the post before? Gone. :) Yay. Actually, it could still be there, but we can’t smell it! I do think it’s fading away though which is great because the last thing we really wanted to do was to prime and paint again. Steve started putting up trim the other day. He’s making it all rustic-like, out of old privacy fence pickets and it looks GREAT. He even got this cool little light switch timer thing and set it up for the outdoor post light that he fixed a few months ago. You press it once and it turns the light on for half an hour. Great idea because I could totally see us either never turning the light on (and it looks so cool) or we’d turn it on and I’d forget to turn it off ever! I’m really looking forward to getting that room finished though and if I wasn’t so buy with other things lately, I’d be done getting junk out of there already. I still have a lot of papers to go through and books, some stuff to pack away like photo frames that I have nowhere to put anymore and candle supplies, etc.

Hmmmm… maybe I’ll let THIS batch finish and go to bed now, worry about the rest tomorrow… er… later today…

the mystery of the cat pee

I am a little embarrassed by this, but not much because it really doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, so I think I really don’t have anything to be embarrassed about, as it’s not my fault!

We had a cat when we first got married but it’s been about 8 years since we got rid of her and haven’t had any since. When we did have her, it was not like she peed all over everything. She did start pee on things, and that amongst other reasons was why we got rid of her, but it was all limited to towels on the bathroom floor that I put down to step on for when someone’s getting out of the shower. Once it was one of my shirts and that actually washed right out with no residual smells. It was never in this particular room. This room is called the “lower room” and it’s the one you enter when you first come in the house. This is the room we’re currently remodeling. Rather, Steve is remodeling. :P He’s taken out paneling and put up dry wall and all that comes with it.

The other day we started smelling this… smelly smell that… smells. A thought crossed my mind and I went… cat pee??? Then later Steve said something about it to my friend who was leaving the house. She said, “you know what, I smell it, too.” So we ended up, the three of us, smelling around.

It does not make any sense! There have been no cats in this house since we got rid of ours aside from the one we found last year and kept until we found the owner a couple of days later and she spent most of her time in our garage except in a kennel in the basement at night. I mean, I refuse to have cats in the house (especially since we’ve recently discovered that E is allergic), so she wasn’t even in that room.

eating? what’s that?

So busy lately, even more than normal! But it’s a good busy, I think. Except for when I forget to eat.

Just finished throwing a website together and waiting for review from the guy who’s in charge. Have to do a big overhaul on another one, some more major work for another, and four new ones I’m supposed to be putting together. Yeah: O_o. By the way, I really hate Network Solutions. The site I just sent for review is hosted there and working with NS is just a big pain in the hiney. Got things all set up how I need them though, so hopefully I don’t have to deal with them anymore than just logging into FTP. I just hate the user interface, though.

I’m also supposed to be processing the wedding photos. Supposed to have them up by October 1st, so I have almost 3 weeks yet. Did the last one in 2 weeks but that was really cutting it short. I didn’t anticipate that I would be this busy with other website stuff at this time, but I think I can make it. Not to mention the fact that I know more than I did in April about what I’m doing here, so I can work faster than before.

I still haven’t finished E’s blanket, either. Hasn’t been a priority since it’s not cold but fall is creeping up fast! Really it’s big enough as it is now but I have no other use for yarn that would be left over so I really just want to keep going until I run out. Besides that, he is going to continue to grow, so the bigger the better.

And some exciting things happening in the world of photography… :) Stay tuned, lol