home again

Kayleigh was able to come home from the hospital yesterday evening. She now looks back to normal, except for the bandage on her back. The puffiness in her eyes is gone, her overall bloating has gone down, she’s no longer hoarse. She acts like nothing is wrong with her. She has to go back sometime next week to get the stitches and the tube removed. The tube is actually closed off, so it’s not draining into her kidney right now. If the gauze in her bandage were to get soaked to the point where her clothes get wet, we would have to open the tube again. But it’s now been over 24 hours with the tube closed and we’ve not seen that, so that is good. There might have been a little leakage to the gauze but nothing that’s soaked through. I would look at her if she would actually lay still for a second. But she’s only still when she’s asleep and even then… she’s such a light sleeper.

She’s back to being her typical punk diva, too. First things first, she goes for allllll the things she knows she’s not supposed to touch…


The surgery was a success! Of course :)

She did well and had a pretty good recovery then napped some then even seemed to be herself for a while and now is sleeping. I am hoping she sleeps all night but the nurse just came in to give her some pain meds and check on her so she’ll probably be awake in no time. She’s a very light sleeper normally anyway.

She’s hoarse though, which I hate because it just sounds horrible. Hopefully that will go away soon. She doesn’t seem to, at this point, have noticed she has an incision, stitches, gauze, etc., on her left back. She keeps getting tangled up in her IV lines. I will be VERY glad when those are gone.

There’s a very tiny tube that is helping to drain the kidney, it goes right into her diaper. She’ll have that removed in 7-10 days, after the ureter has had some time to heal.

in surgery

Sitting here, alone for the moment, in our little cubicle. Waiting. Last update was about an hour ago, the nurse called and said Kayleigh went to sleep well, her vitals were good, and the doctor was working on the repair of the ureter.

We have so much support, it’s awesome. My mom and brother are here and with Steve they are getting us some early lunch. My aunt works here and she has already been over to see us and said she would be by again. Our church’s associate pastor was here almost from the start and he sat with us for a little while and then prayed with us. He said that the men prayed for Kayleigh at their breakfast this morning at 6am. All sorts of texts and Facebook messages coming to my phone.

K was pretty cranky, I imagine she’ll be 5,000 times more so when she comes out of surgery. We think she is teething, she’s been pretty cranky the last couple of days and has a runny nose. Then add to that the fact that she hadn’t had anything to eat or drink in a while and I think she remembers the hospital and that is upsetting her, too. THEN people were making her do things she doesn’t want to do like get her blood pressure taken. She screams bloody murder for any of that and even the hospital bracelet around her ankle was making her mad. Any time someone even looked at it she would freak out.

But every minute forward is a step towards this all being behind us…

Now it’s back to work. I brought my laptop specifically so I could work on photos from the wedding we recently shot. I figured, if nothing else, that would help me keep occupied and be thinking about something than what is going on right now in the operating room.


Dear people who keep trying to reset my wordpress.com password,

Please stop. You are driving me crazy with all the emails.

The account belongs to me. Try to remember your own user name!


a test, clothing, and a wedding

This morning we had to go up to K’s pediatrician’s office to get a urine sample to be tested and cultured for hidden infections. The results are to be sent to the urologist and if she has something they will have to decide if it means to hold off the surgery or just use some antibiotics after surgery. At first glance, the nurse there said it looked fine, I am assuming there will be nothing there, based on her history, of course.

Getting nervous about the surgery, it’s less than a week away. Had some nightmares that something went wrong during surgery and we lost her. I’ll probably be a total wreck next week.

Getting a urine sample is never fun, either, but thankfully this went better (for K) than it did last time. For us, it was a pain. The nurses were setting up to do it and K peed all over the table. Back to the drawing board. We had to wait twice and try for a sample twice. I was also (frivolously) disappointed to have to change her clothes, not to mention I looked like a bad Mommy because while I had extra pants and a onesie, I have never thought to carry extra socks (never needed any before)! However, it wasn’t until we got home that I realized Daddy put her clean onesie on backwards. :P

Thank goodness for spare clothes, though! Marie and another friend recently gave me some for K. Good thing, we were getting low! K is finally starting to get past that 12 month size and slowly going towards some 18 months. E needs new clothes, too. I’ve realized that all his jeans are short in the ankles! They grow so fast. I got him 4 pairs of jeans at Goodwill (hey, can’t beat $8) and they look brand new. Two pairs are 6’s and two are 8’s. He needs a belt with the 8’s and they’re only slightly long. The jeans he was wearing that I’ve finally had to take away were size 4! One of those pairs is a light sand-like camo. He was really upset when I took those away this morning.

Stacey and I shot another wedding on Saturday and had a blast! I’ve been through a few of the images but hoping to really get started on them here in a little bit. Had some other sessions to go through first. She has several from her visit to Oklahoma to do, too. This wedding was interesting, though, in that while it was on a gazebo like the last one we did, we couldn’t get close to it. The gazebo was out on the water in a large pond (little lake?) behind a private residence. It’s at least 10 feet from the shore to the front part of the gazebo. So we stayed back on the shore with zoom lenses. From what I’ve seen so far though, we did well.

And again, I started this post hours ago and got distracted, so… :)