Still Zai-zai

I was looking for something earlier, in my blog archives, and I came on this old post, Zai-zai, from just over 5 years ago. Five. Years. onetwothreefourFIVE. It seems like ages ago. In that post, I went on and on about our quirky dog Rimshot who, at that point, we had owned for about 4 and a half years.

Many things have changed in the last 5 years. I have lost a few friends, made many more, jobs are different, E has gotten older, siblings have gotten married, and we have had a second kid… Yes, we still have Rimshot.

Portrait of a Pooch

And I just had to laugh as I read that post because it is still 98% true! No, E doesn’t call him “Zai-zai” anymore (and no, I honestly can’t even remember him calling him that – this, my friends, is one of the reasons I have a blog, my memory sucks!) but yes, he still barks at people who walk the street but never someone who might pose a threat, he still steals food (got some pepperoni out of my OWN HAND a few weeks ago, I think I’m still mad about that), he hops in the cars of visitors or mail men when he gets a chance, he still leaves white hair all over the couch and still has a knack for snuggling up next to me without me noticing, he still cowers from thunder – he can hear it before we do and gets quite neurotic. The things that are different is mainly his activity level, he is 5 years older and so that has gone down some. He doesn’t really chew on toys much anymore, can’t even get him to chew long term on his own toy. He’s graying around the eyes and in some other areas, too. He still drags his bed onto the carpet and right into the middle of the walkway.

And we have that other little person in the house now. Rimshot likes her better than he likes Elijah. She leaves him alone, she doesn’t harass him or drag him around on the leash indoors, she doesn’t yell at him ever. The most she does is push him away if he tries to lick her face, ’cause let’s face it folks, she couldn’t care less about the dog.

A few days ago Elijah announced that he wants a doberman from my friend who breeds them. Take note, a DOBERMAN. Because he wants, and I quote, “I want a dog that will appreciate me.” I about died laughing with that one. Rimshot sure does NOT appreciate Elijah. In fact, Elijah is the ONLY person Rimshot has ever bitten. Really, I don’t blame the dog. I know he does it only as a last resort and usually by the time he gets bit, I have told him not less than 5 times to leave the dog alone. And, of course, he has never drawn blood. Actually, though, I think it’s been about six months since he’s been bit, maybe he’s finally learning that the dog doesn’t care for being pushed into a corner and poked at.

Rimshot is still a virtual vacuum cleaner. However, as of late he’s decided he’s absolutely sick of Cheerios and he won’t eat them anymore so I actually have to sweep the floor after K eats now, ha. He eats everything else she throws though, which is quite a lot. I think the dog food has been lasting extra long lately.

Ah, Rimshot, what will I do without you when you go?

Rimshot with the new Nikon!