the Eve

Christmas Tree I think it might be laying down on that pillow over there. It’s tired. Oy, what a day! Actually, it’s been a crazy week.

Last night was the Christmas gathering with my mom’s family. It’s always crazy but this year was even moreso because everyone keeps multiplying! We missed last year because of K’s quarantine and there were also lots of other people that wouldn’t have made it last year such as my cousin and his wife that live in New Zealand for now, but they were able to make it in this year, along with my very new baby cousin. I did also get to finally meet my cousin’s fiance. We are shooting their wedding in February, yay!

So we’re squeezing 4 times as many people as should fit in this living room and the present opening is so insane because everyone’s yelling over everyone else, kids are running around delivering presents as my uncle calls them out and people are opening stuff and paper is literally flying through the air because everyone wants to be able to hit the trash bag from across the room. K was on the verge of flipping out and she did throw a lot of fits and make a lot of fuss but I guess all-in-all, she did ok, because to think about it now, she never did give the GET OUT OF MY FACE NOW warning hand signal all night. The littlest cousin was also stressed out, though!

The biggest downside with all of it was that it was just me and the kids as Steve had to work. Trying not to complain, though!

Then tonight we got together with Steve’s immediate family. We woke up to a white Christmas and it seems like it has snowed all day. Elijah was just bounce-off-the-wall-excited about it and went out to play several times. He had a lot of fun beaming his aunt with snow, too.

The siblings and in-laws did an organized gift exchange this year and it actually went over without a hitch, unlike last year when everyone else totally messed it up… ahem. :) It was a lot of fun though!