family affair

bride's throw bouquetMy cousin’s wedding was Saturday and Stacey and I had been hired to do her photography.  This was a little different than other weddings we’ve done so far because everything, pretty much, was in one place.  The ceremony took place in the reception hall and the guests were seated at round tables.  We did a few posed pictures at the hotel before heading over, but there really wasn’t time for too much of anything, so we did some more right after the ceremony, before dinner.  The downside of doing a ceremony like this is that people (guests especially) expect you to go, go, go, go hurry up, no excuses, no waiting, now we want it NOW.  We hadn’t even been keeping them but 5 or 10 minutes and people were freaking out.

This wasn’t our first family wedding, but it was the first from my side.  It was also the first family wedding that I got a babysitter for!  That really did help out.  Shooting weddings can be complicated enough but add family to the mix when you are working and it really complicates things.  Not that I would not do a family wedding again, by any means, if family is in need of photos, no reason we shouldn’t both help each other out!  But it really can get complicated.  In all cases, I’ve also gone over and beyond what a photographer does, often being part wedding coordinator or planner, too.  Scheduling things, booking things, doing invitations, directing rehearsals, etc.  Then the previous times (pre-babysitter) I also had to be MOM.  For the most part it’s fine but every time when Steve and the kids have shown up and Kayleigh has seen me, she’s cried because she’s wanted me.  I’ve had to be distracted with children from “will you hold her for a minute” to “Mom, Mom, MOM, can I have a piece of cake?!”  Since my kids weren’t immediate family or in this wedding, getting a babysitter (aka the in-laws) was the best idea ever.

Not only all of this but I need – and want – to greet our extended family.  So I have to be hostess, too.  I’m blessed, though, on both sides I have a decent amount of family, I feel like we’re not real small but we’re not real big, either.  I know people who don’t even know the names of their great-aunts and uncles, yet I’m lucky enough to know every one of them except those that died before I was born.  Heck, I even know one of my great-great-aunts.  That’s pretty darn awesome.  It’s just too bad she lives in California so I’ve only gotten to see her twice now.  Then, of course, there are my mom and dad’s first cousins (they would be my first cousins, once removed!) and my second cousins.   So it’s great to see all of them, too, even if just for a little bit since my time is mostly spent working!

But this wedding is all said and done and it will probably be the last family wedding for a while.  I guess you never know, though.  Now it’s time to edit the photos.  Always a fun part, ha.  Shouldn’t take as long as some of the others, though, as due to various circumstances, there just plain aren’t as many photos to start with.  She’s still going to end up with several hundred, though!  That and if I say so myself, aside from some face merges I know I’m going to have to do, these photos largely don’t need much editing.

I also have to say that I love, love, LOVED the bouquets at the wedding.  The one pictured above was the tossing bouquet and you can see a pine cone in it.  The bride also had pine cones in hers and the bridesmaids’ were all pine cones and crystals.  Maybe this is more common than I think but I haven’t seen it before, I thought they were quite unique.

Antibiotics suck.

So yeah they totally suck, enough said.

A weird thing with E’s, too, the doctor prescribed 10 days but there was only 8 and slightly less than a half in there. Called the doctor’s office and they said call the pharmacy who, I know, is probably thinking I’m an idiot who didn’t dose it right. I know I did it correctly. They were like well we put as much water in there that it says (so they couldn’t possibly ever be wrong) so if the doc wants him to have another day and a half he’s going to have to write another scrip. Ugh. So the doctor’s office said well just forget it got now but if E had more eat pain we’ll do that.

Stacey and I are getting ready to shoot a wedding this weekend. It’s going to be interesting because it’s a bit unorthodox, but I think the weather is supposed to be nice enough that we can do some outdoor pics. Also unorthodox… for February.

I’m excited because we have scheduled several for this year already and have just experienced an influx in inquiries, too!

Help, I’ve fallen off the wagon and I can’t get back up

So my new schedule… isn’t… lately. Last Monday I was feeling extra tired so I only managed 10 minute of aerobics before I collapsed back to sleep. E came down with a fever that evening and Tuesday morning was in my bed after a long night, so I didn’t work out then, either. Took him to the doctor and he had ear infections in both ears so he’s been on antibiotics and some ear drops. I started poopy soon thereafter. I thought we were fine Friday so we went out with my sister-in-law for lunch and stuff. Saturday, another friend came down. Sunday morning was ok, but in the evening I started to feel really bad. Chest pain, bad cough. I ended up in the doctor’s on Monday, afraid I was getting bronchitis or something. He said my lungs were fine but duhn duhn duhn, I have ear infections, too. I’m on antibiotics and some cough pill. My chest doesn’t hurt nearly as bad now but this cough is still somewhat painful and very annoying. Kayleigh, however, is just fine. Must be her regular daily antibiotic keeping things at bay. I came home from the doctor, put K down for a nap and collapsed myself on the couch and was out for like 4 hours until K woke me up. Then, of course, I couldn’t sleep at night!

So, bleh. After a month of working out almost 5 days a week, I feel off the wagon. It’s this cough now that’s keeping me away because I know that the second I get into it, it’s just going to start and I won’t be able to stop. If I have to raise my voice a little bit or breathe something too cold, it just starts a fit. I’ve not been weighing in or doing body tests either. I just kinda feel like why bother to get everything out and set up just for that when I can go back to bed instead? :P

Steve’s also not got anything wrong with him. He’s only been sick to where he had to stay home from work twice since I’ve known him. February 2002 and December 2008! I wish I had that immune system. The doctor thought I was hilarious when I said I catch anything that walks by, but it’s true. I take more vitamins, for example, than Steve does, and he spends more time outside in the cold than I do, yet he rarely ever catches anything.

Oh well, you win some, you lose some. There’s just never a good time to be sick. I am so busy right now… I also didn’t intend to just come here and whine about being sick but now that I’ve started, I can’t remember what else I had to say… :)

Well, hello there.

Well hello there! Yesterday I got a new phone. Yes I am behind the times, strangely enough, but I now have my first smart phone. I got the Samsung Captivate and I’m having a bit of fun posting from it now. I swore I’d never own another Samsung but this one won out, it had better last a long time! I love that it uses the wifi at my house while I’m there so hopefully the chances of me having to upgrade my data plan are slim. Swype texting is cool and only takes a bit to get used to. I love how it adds spaces for me, but I can’t figure out why it doesn’t add one after a period. So anyway, fun! Almost makes up for the fact that I took Mucinex yesterday, I’d forgotten how much I HATE Mucinex!!!!

I guess we’re in for money troubles…

I have to laugh at this email I received:

This year July has 5 fridays 5 saturdays and 5 Sundays. This apparently happens once every 823 years. This is called money bags. So send this on and money will arrive in 5 days. Based on chinese feng shui the one who does not pass this on will have money troubles for the rest of the year…

1. This will happen again in 2016.*
b. Funny, I didn’t know they had email 823 years ago…

* not to mention it will happen any time a month with 31 days starts with the first day on a Friday… just sayin’