Ice and snow and stuff

Obligatory Ice Storm Photo Many areas got it worse than us, including St. Louis, despite claims otherwise. I heard one of the local TV weathermen stating that it was just horrible where we are and how we had it worse than St. Louis. Um, no… moron. We only got a little bit of ice and a little tiny bit of snow.

Now it’s snowing pretty good, though, and several days later we now have about 2 or 3 inches of snow. I’ll take snow over ice any day but I’m feeling like I’m just so over winter. Of course, I’m trying not to rush it, I am NOT ready for summer or heat.

I am, however, hoping I’m not getting sick. Today seems to have blessed me with a stuffier head than normal and a new cough. I need to go take my allergy medicine, could just be the fact that we’re getting precipitation.

So what else?

Elijah keeps informing me of things such as the definition of “double date” and the fact that he not only knows who Justin Bieber is, but can’t stand him. This kid is like a sponge…

Kayleigh’s been extra snotty this week. Not in the literal sense but in that she has been throwing her food more than normal lately. I don’t know if she’s just not as hungry or if she’s gotten sick of Goldfish (after I bought her a new huge carton), or what.

Here it is Saturday and I haven’t been out of the house since a brief run to the grocery store on Monday. Snowing again and we need milk and roast beef because I am completely obsessed with sliced roast beef right now and Kayleigh’s love affair with milk continues. Also need baby food as I’ve been shoving more than usual down her throat due to her throwing more food lately.

I don’t know if it’s the weather or what but I am feeling extra-like not doing anything lately. I desperately need to fold some laundry and I just can’t find it in myself. Or I start and get in only three articles of clothing before I get distracted. Also need to clean the stupid bathroom. I want a bathroom that cleans itself. And a dish washer. Yeah, a dish washer.

dude, fire your PR guy

So I saw this ad on Facebook:


Yeah, THAT makes me want to go into nursing! Where can I sign up!?

And B) What the heck IS that!?