GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons and Elephant Hunting

Oh, yes, here we go.  Maybe by now you’ve already seen this video:

Let me just begin by saying I hate GoDaddy. I really, do. I was with them for years but finally made the move away based on their television ad content that I feel are obscene, demeaning to women, and insulting to the intelligence of all, men included. I feel like that lends me to less bias, since one would think I would be more likely to be against anything concerning this company. With that being said, I am even more disappointed in my current registrar, Namecheap, by sending out the following in their newsletter:

It’s not often that we would disagree publicly with a competitor, but we at Namecheap are very disturbed by this video of a competitor killing an elephant for sport. Check out the ABC News Report (Warning: Very Graphic!)

We’ve decided to throw our support behind our Elephant friends by offering domain transfers at a price where we actually lose money.

Show your protest by saying BYEBYEGD again and transfer your domains to Namecheap for $4.99 for the next 24 hours through 11:59pm EST on 3/31/11 (limit 10 per user, valid for all com/net/org domains).

On top of that, we’ll donate $1 for each transfer to Save The Elephants at

Use coupon code BYEBYEGD and let’s help the Elephants together!

This is ridiculous. I am more disappointed that Namecheap is so blatantly trying to profit (in the long run, if not now) by what should be considered a non-incident with GoDaddy’s CEO Bob Parsons. They are attempting to use this situation to their own gain.

Backstory: Parsons was in Zimbabwe this March on a hunting trip. Farmers expressed concern that several male elephants were tearing up their crops. Parsons and party hunted and killed one of at least three elephants in the night. The next day, villagers split up the elephant for meat and from what I gather, the other elephants have not returned to the area where they were damaging crops.

An animal who is damaging crops (or livestock) must be dealt with. Here in Missouri, if an animal, such as a fox, for example, is attacking and harming your other animals, you have the right to trap and/or kill it, in season or not. This is not a small matter for farmers in the US but it’s an even bigger problem for people in places such as Zimbabwe where there is not enough food for the people. If you watched the video, you will have seen where they said more villagers showed up and though the elephant was large, there wasn’t enough food for everyone. You can bet these people did not waste any part of this elephant. I would put money down that they ate everything but the bones.

Parsons shot and killed an animal that was damaging crops and then the animal was put to use, it was not just dropped there and left. Yes, he may have had an enjoyable time hunting, but it was clear that he was not hunting purely for sport. The people were helped in that they were fed for a time AND their crops were protected. I don’t understand what the big deal is here. The people who are complaining that he shot an elephant and some are even saying horrible things such as he should be shot himself – do they expect these people to just let the elephants destroy their food source? Come on! If not Parsons, someone else would have shot it. The only reason this is even an issue is because Parsons is someone of high profile. He’s a CEO, he MUST be bad, right?

I think another big problem for these complainers, at least in the US, is the type of animal. It’s cute, you see it in zoos, so it must be wrong to kill one. We have hogs that run wild here, damaging crops and land and killing other animals but they’re not cute, so I guess it’s ok to kill them, I don’t hear anyone whining that the Conservation Department says shoot, shoot, shoot, we want them gone. Just because your culture does not eat a specific animal or because you think it’s cute, does not make it wrong to kill it and/or eat it. I’m not sure I would want to eat elephant meat myself but I haven’t been raised in a culture that does and, at least for now, I’m thankfully not starving for lack of food. Mountain Lions are beautiful but do you think if one is stalking a farmer’s cows and probably his family, too, that he’s not going to hunt it and kill it?

I’m getting a bit off track here. Here’s a report by ABC:

Can you hear bias in their voices? Well, at least the woman on the right, very slanted.

And in case you didn’t catch it, what did PETA say in their “official” statement?

I am writing to present you with PETA’s first-ever Scummiest CEO of the year award… you deserve the reward for your egregious disregard for the life of the elephant you shot and killed for your personal enjoyment. Such behavior only shows a poverty of understanding and a deep insecurity, perhaps in your own masculinity…

Way to go, Tracey Reiman… let’s resort to name-calling like children, shall we? Name-calling and pokes at someone’s masculinity. Nice. HOW PROFESSIONAL. Not to mention, ignorant, as we have already established this elephant was not shot for personal enjoyment. Just, wow. Not even my 7-year-old acts like that.

PETA excluded because of their desire to make everyone vegetarians, but the average person who is having a conniption fit over this needs to take a close look at their own life. This is not any more extraordinary than the hamburger you eat at McDonald’s or your Original Recipe Kentucky Fried Chicken. The only difference is that you didn’t cut the meat off the cow or chicken yourself. Get off your high horses. Really, you KNOW that not everyone who is complaining is a vegetarian. (Though one of these days, I do want to ask a vegetarian a question: what about the life of the plants that you take?)

I’m glad that Bob Parson’s response is included in the video, however. He states that there are actually too many elephants running around in this area. I am not surprised. When you tag a deer for hunting season here in Missouri, the computer on the phone thanks you for helping to manage Missouri’s deer population. There is NOTHING wrong with hunting when it is managed properly. I am not talking about going out and just shooting everything you see for fun, which you should know by now if you’ve already read all of this. It needs to be properly managed and the animal, whatever it may be, needs to be properly taken care of and not wasted. There are even places you can donate deer meat here to people who are hungry – essentially what Parsons did with the elephant. Do you know what happens when there becomes too many of an animal in a specific area? They not only tear up crops and property but they can become a danger to people’s lives, being more on the highways, for example, or breaking into people’s homes — imagine a set of antlers coming at you or your young child through a plate glass window at 20 mph — and disease will break out among the animals’ ranks therefore causing even more problems. Taking care of this planet doesn’t mean preserving everything, it means managing it properly.

So, Bob Parsons, I stand behind you on this. No, I won’t be returning to GoDaddy but I am seriously considering my decision to be with NameCheap…


101121-asdr6-01-holifields I’m so tired of talking about being sick (though not quite as tired as I am of BEING sick); so, even though yesterday SUCKED big time, let’s talk about something else!

ADSR season 6 officially started today and I managed to get my first challenge completed.  Very few regulations on this one, we had to write 6 facts about our family and have at least one photo.  Pretty easy once I finally decided on a kit to use!

I’ve also loved my partners in the past (this is my third year) but I’m totally excited about getting to race this year with Kate, a good friend from college.  It’s just really cool to have an “irl” friend who is into this digital scrapbooking stuff with me… who I’m also excited about having a photo session with her family next week, if the weather holds!

So, yay for me, getting right on it.  Let’s hope the rest of the challenges aren’t sent in at the very last minute. :)

taking it easy

Or trying to.  We are feeling much better today.  It’s hard not to just jump in and eat whatever we want though.  Elijah is literally bouncing off the walls.  K is the same as she was yesterday though she is still having the bad diapers.  I am just left with a massive headache which I am not sure if it’s related to being sick or from lack of caffeine the last two days.  Sucks, too, because I really need to obtain a box to mail a camera backpack I sold.  Everything I have is either way too small or way too big.  Bleh.  I was thinking maybe a nap first but if I do that I’m sure I won’t get anywhere in time before they close.  Maybe just a few minutes…

got it now

So I guess I’ve got what Kayleigh had.  Might be what Kayleigh has, because even though she’s not throwing up, she’s still having some nasty diapers and doesn’t seem to have her full appetite back yet.




Thank God for Stacey who’s come to take care of us today.  Elijah is also complaining from time to time that he feels sick.  I’m only up right now because Stacey ran to the store and K wanted to get out of her pack and play and run around on the floor.  Thankfully she is being good (as long as Elijah stays out of her way) so right now all I have to do is sit here on the love seat and feel nauseous.

However, Elijah is watching Max & Ruby and I have a few complaints.

1.. Max is a little brat who can’t do what he’s told.

2. Ruby is a dirty hypocrite.

3. In what universe does a new pair of kid’s overalls cost only $5?

and most importantly: 4. WHERE ARE THEIR PARENTS!?

I hate this show.

And I’m grumpy today.

first timer

Well, Kayleigh’s puking episode turned into what became her first real sickness.  Thankfully, it seems to have been a 24 hour bug.  She threw up several times more to the point where she wasn’t keeping anything down, not even 2 ounces of Pedialite.  So we talked to the doctor on call for her office and he said give her the heavy syrup from canned peaches, like half a teaspoon every 5 minutes.  It was an exhausting evening though we started increasing doses after she held that down well.  Today she was half herself again, but no more throwing up.  She managed to eat some saltine crackers before her nap and she drank a lot of Pedialite.  The bottle is almost empty now.  After her nap, she managed a few Cheerios and some baby food and a few other random little snacks.  She’s sleeping for the night now, hopefully her normal appetite will have returned tomorrow.

I spent the day cleaning and then working on a wedding book.  Got the book finished, but I feel like I didn’t get very far with the cleaning… boo.

Yes, I did have a different theme here today and last night but I decided I hated it.  I feel dumb about it too because it’s one I admired for a while and when I had a 20% off coupon, I took it.  I’m actually very unhappy with it as a whole because it’s not styled enough, they didn’t style the comments at all, for example.  I emailed but I doubt I’ll get my money back.  Maybe all their WordPress themes are that way, I don’t know, I’ve only ever bought Flash ones before…