New Laptop Skin So, the new laptop, right? The lid of it is black and way shiny. Seriously, like a mirror.  It was so shiny, it was a problem.

Kayleigh used to bang on my old laptop’s lid while it was open.  I don’t think it suffered any problems because of this, and of course, the screen works fine, but I’m always paranoid.  I was hoping she wouldn’t bang on this one, it didn’t have some pretty picture on it.  (The old one.)  But the mirror proved too much for her to resist.  When she was out playing, she was always over here, looking at it, touching it, rubbing it, pulling the power cord out (ugh), etc.  Already there’s a little tiny scratch.  So I figured, ok, suck it up and buy a skin.

Took me a long time to get it done, or at least a long time by my scrapping standards.  I had a different theme in mind but couldn’t find the right photos so I pushed Stacey to getting photos of the kids.  It’s really hard to get good pictures of Kayleigh where she’s looking and smiling – really, that’s a major feat.  I didn’t want to use the last good picture of them, mainly because it’s on canvas and I already see it several times a day.  So I finally got a picture of the two of them, didn’t even have to do any face swaps.  However, I did have to remove my arm and part of my foot from the photo!  My kids for ya.  Kayleigh was constantly on the move, as usual, you can’t keep her attention for more than a quarter of a second, I am not kidding.  And Elijah, bless his heart, was trying so hard… too hard.  He ends up trying to hold Kayleigh there then they end up looking so silly because he’s holding down her arms or legs or whatever and she’s screaming to be released.

Once I got the dimensions right of the file and figured out where they were going to cut the hole for the Dell logo, it was easy, it really all fell together.  I love it.  The only problem is that I got lots of bubbles in it this time.  Been a while since I looked at the old one, but I don’t remember having but maybe one small bubble.  This one has several and a few creases now where I tried to get the bubbles out but it would only go so far.  Not sure why this one should have been harder to apply.

And the best part?  Kayleigh hasn’t beat up my laptop at all since I got it.  She has pulled out the cord once or twice but I think at least once of those times was an accident.  Instead, she comes over, points at herself or lightly touches it, and does her little, “ah-ha-ha” talking thing.  Or “ah-who-who.”  Then she moves on her way…  Score.  This, however, does not solve the problem of if I leave it unattended while she’s out to play that she’ll pick up my mouse and throw it…

apparently, life goes on

About half the people who have voiced their opinion have told me that it helps to get your “replacement” dog sooner rather than later, the others have said it doesn’t.  Whatever everyone else says, Steve seems to think it would be good for Elijah.  Though, he has already stopped moping around and going “Oh, Rimshot,” every few minutes.  He really does seem back to normal except that he will occasionally mention it to me in a sort-of “by the way” type of thing, like he’s telling me something I don’t know that only half matters to him.  Though I know it matters more.

SO, Steve has apparently known for a long time what he’d like to get and he’s been pretty specific.  Due to a couple of reasons, one sort of fell in our lap and so in about a week and a half we will be picking up this little guy (on the right):

He’s a Jack Russell Terrier but we won’t know for a while if he’s rough, broken, or smooth coat.  Steve would like a rough coat, I don’t really care.  So I guess my adventures in puppy training will begin soon.  We haven’t told Elijah yet, we’re not going to say anything until we pick the puppy up, I want it to be a complete surprise.  He does think he is getting a dog for his birthday though!  (He decided that for himself.)  Steve also wants to try to train the dog to hunt antler sheds, so that might be kinda fun.

He’s so adorable though, I didn’t really want to get a puppy, I was hoping to push for a dog that came “potty trained” but I’m getting kind of excited about him, too.

I guess we will go to the vet that dealt with all of this Rimshot stuff.  We didn’t really have a vet before, Rimshot never needed one.  We just got shots wherever, like clinics.  Got a sympathy card from this vet in the mail today, though, which strikes me as a little corny, but also sweet.

And yes, I know, it’s not even been a week yet, but by the time we get him it will have been a few.  As long as I can remember, there’s never been a time that I didn’t have a dog except for a few months before Rimshot arrived.  So there really does feel like there’s a hole that needs to be filled.  I still find myself going to call for him or thinking I’d better take him outside…

So we shall see what we shall see, but this will be a good thing for us.  And I’ll be able to get Elijah involved in the responsibility more.  Rimshot didn’t really need much of anything, I actually had to keep telling him to leave the dog alone.  He’d take him outside half the time here recently, and he could fill his food bowl and give him a treat, but that was about it.  Plus, it will be really good for him to be able to have someone to burn some energy off with.

Now, to name this little guy… ’cause I have to tell you, he’s currently carrying around the same name as my dad and father-in-law… that’s not going to cut it.  (Think I Love Lucy when the dog Fred is missing and everyone is getting confused because the man Fred doesn’t know when they are or are not calling him instead of the dog.)

Farewell to an old chum

Rimshot and E, farewell to an old friend Things did not turn out as I’d hoped.  I talked to the vet this morning on the phone and he said he wanted me to come down to talk about Rimshot, that after further observation and research, prognosis did not look good.  I started then trying to prepare myself and Elijah for losing him.

Have I ever mentioned that my in-laws are awesome?  My mother and father-in-law came in and she stayed with Kayleigh (who hasn’t even noticed that the dog is missing) and my father-in-law, Elijah, and I went down to the vet’s.  Steve was at work.

Well, the vet had said yesterday that it was strange that Rimshot’s front legs weren’t working but the back ones were ok.  Apparently it usually is the back legs.  The outter part of the spine controls the back legs and the inner does the front and he determined it was highly likely that Rimshot had some sort of lesion and clot in the spine already and that it had just been a matter of time before this happened. That maybe when he missed the couch the other day, it sort of activated it.  Whatever happened, Rimshot was still paralyzed in the front.  He said that it was possible that within 1-2 weeks he may recover but the chances of that are not good, and then there’s the chance of partial recovery with disability.
He brought Rimshot out to see us and BOY was he excited.  He was especially excited to see my father-in-law, they were buddies.  We spent some time with him and when the vet came back I signed off to have him put down.  The boys went back to the waiting room while the vet took Rimshot back again.  When he returned, he told me I was making the right decision.  I’m glad we got to see the dog fully alive and say good-bye.  I even took a pic with my phone of Elijah and Rimshot, told him he could have it to remember him by – I don’t think I have any other recent ones of the two of them.  I had told Elijah that Rimshot was hurt really bad and “dying” though, he doesn’t know that the vet had to do the “dirty work” – I think it’s a bit easier that way.  This is his first real experience with death, the people close to us who have died did so when he was too little to remember and we’ve had no other pets.
Elijah was just wailing and such, so they went back to the house while I waited and then my father-in-law came back for me and the body.  He has since taken The Box home with him and is going to bury him and when Steve gets home from work, we’ll have a little doggie funeral.
Elijah wailed for a while more here at home but I’ve finally got him playing some Wii so he’s a bit distracted.  Every so often he still says “I miss Rimshot” or “I wish Rimshot was here” or even just, “Oh, Rimshot.”  He will be fine in time, I know.  It’s really interesting, though, how this boy loves that dog because all he did was harass him and cause that poor dog grief and then yell something like, “UGH, I need a dog that respects me!”

I am not without tears.  I’ve been crying off and on since I found out that he was hurt.  When I realized that it wasn’t just a hurt paw that would go away in a few hours, I think I knew where this was headed.

So farewell, old friend, we’ve been allies in this house of crazy people for 10 years now and I’m really gonna miss you.


Poor Rimmy

Well, one thing I hope to not be replacing right now is our little dog Rimshot. He is currently spending the night at the vet’s. He was fine one minute last night then suddenly was favoring his right front leg. It got worse over night and during today while we waited for his appointment.

Turns out he slipped a disc or something. I don’t fully understand it all, but he’s basically lost control of his front legs. The vet seemed to think it strange that it is the front and not the back legs but says he’s “cautiously optimistic.”

Rimmy got x-rays and then 3 shots including a sedative. We’re supposed to get him back in the morning along with medicine, including some steroids. Hopefully he will be fine, he’s such a good dog.

It was so weird coming home tonight and not having him there jumping all over us. Apparently jumping is what does it, though. Thinking back, I might know when he hurt himself, I think he tried to jump on the love seat over the arm and he couldn’t make the jump. That’s actually a common thing for him though. So who’s to say when it happened, or how, given the progressive nature.

So we’ll see in the morning… poor Rimmy… He’s never been sick or hurt in the 10 years we’ve had him…

the Replacements

Seems a lot of things are getting replaced for me lately, ha. Of course this is not necessarily a bad thing. I’m calling warranty on two things: my bluetooth mouse and my 2 dSLR camera backpack. The mouse I’ve actually had to call warranty on probably 4 or 5 times now. The first one I bought lasted me 2 years but I guess they don’t make ’em like they used to. I got the same model after that one died. This latest mouse though, they tell me I’m getting the new model, as the one I’ve been using has been discontinued, so yay! No cost to me.

The backpack, I love it. It’s mah baybay. But somehow one of the straps is ripped at the seam. One of the zipper pulls comes off, too, because the zipper can’t hold on to it, but that’s been a non-issue. So I asked Amazon about warranty and they said send it back for a refund. This one is going to cost me a few dollars, though, because the price has gone up a bit for the same one and I’m paying for 1 day shipping (prime). But it’s worth it to me and I get to ship the old one back free and I’ll put it in the box the new one ships in.

Another replacement from within the last few months has been my laptop. My old one was acting really funny and getting so hot it almost burned me. Of course, after I ordered a new one, it started behaving! I’ve redone it for a friend now and it’s waiting to go live with her. This replacement is, of course, costing me, however, I saved about $350 by buying Dell certified refurbished, as compared to a brand new one with the same specs. Oh well, I really did need more power, the way I run this ship around here.

Had to get the Jeep’s tires replaced… Twice. This cost more than the laptop and it was only 3 tires! I had to go in a second time because the first time they screwed up and put the wrong ones on!!

Finally… I have replaced cavities in my teeth with fillings. This has been the least fun! But costs less than the laptop, haha. I think I’m actually coming out pretty good after insurance and my additional 20% family discount, as my sister-in-law is a hygenist there. I’m a baby, though, which is part of the reason I had… Drum roll, please… 10 of these done. Yes, that’s one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, TEN. I sound bad, but I have been to the dentist, until now, only once in the last 11 years. That is what happens when you are afraid and don’t have insurance for a long time. I knew in 2008 that I had 4, but had that miscarriage 2 days before getting them done, so I canceled it and never went back because of how things went after that. I do have to say though, that from a cleaning standpoint, my sis said my teeth were not nearly as bad as she’d expected. Nine of the cavities were between teeth, in the back. Because I’m a big scaredy cat, they gave me Xanax and did them all at once. He said I should have no pain at all… Ha!!!

I was sore right away, but 2 days later, me and both kids were diagnosed with ear infections and were started on antibiotics. I was having horrible pain. I thought it was my ears, then I thought teeth, ears, teeth, ears, teeth… I’ve been taking way too much ibuprofen. Finally, evidence that the antibiotics weren’t duds… Today I went back to the dentist, 9 days after having them done and he saw the problem right away. He said I had a high spot on one, I don’t pretend to really understand it, but apparently that causes lots of problems. He drilled or shaved or whatevered it off there… Not. Fun. But it was quick so I survived. Felt like I had a big hole there for a while though. He says he’ll be very surprised if this doesn’t solve it and gave me Vicodin for the meantime. But he didn’t want to give me the steroids for the nerve while I’m on antibiotics. So, if in 2 weeks from Friday, it still hurts, I’m to call for those. I felt so much better this afternoon. Not sure if that’s just the Vicodin talking or what, but I hope this is the end. It’s been a miserable 9 days so far!!