apparently, life goes on

About half the people who have voiced their opinion have told me that it helps to get your “replacement” dog sooner rather than later, the others have said it doesn’t.  Whatever everyone else says, Steve seems to think it would be good for Elijah.  Though, he has already stopped moping around and going “Oh, Rimshot,” every few minutes.  He really does seem back to normal except that he will occasionally mention it to me in a sort-of “by the way” type of thing, like he’s telling me something I don’t know that only half matters to him.  Though I know it matters more.

SO, Steve has apparently known for a long time what he’d like to get and he’s been pretty specific.  Due to a couple of reasons, one sort of fell in our lap and so in about a week and a half we will be picking up this little guy (on the right):

He’s a Jack Russell Terrier but we won’t know for a while if he’s rough, broken, or smooth coat.  Steve would like a rough coat, I don’t really care.  So I guess my adventures in puppy training will begin soon.  We haven’t told Elijah yet, we’re not going to say anything until we pick the puppy up, I want it to be a complete surprise.  He does think he is getting a dog for his birthday though!  (He decided that for himself.)  Steve also wants to try to train the dog to hunt antler sheds, so that might be kinda fun.

He’s so adorable though, I didn’t really want to get a puppy, I was hoping to push for a dog that came “potty trained” but I’m getting kind of excited about him, too.

I guess we will go to the vet that dealt with all of this Rimshot stuff.  We didn’t really have a vet before, Rimshot never needed one.  We just got shots wherever, like clinics.  Got a sympathy card from this vet in the mail today, though, which strikes me as a little corny, but also sweet.

And yes, I know, it’s not even been a week yet, but by the time we get him it will have been a few.  As long as I can remember, there’s never been a time that I didn’t have a dog except for a few months before Rimshot arrived.  So there really does feel like there’s a hole that needs to be filled.  I still find myself going to call for him or thinking I’d better take him outside…

So we shall see what we shall see, but this will be a good thing for us.  And I’ll be able to get Elijah involved in the responsibility more.  Rimshot didn’t really need much of anything, I actually had to keep telling him to leave the dog alone.  He’d take him outside half the time here recently, and he could fill his food bowl and give him a treat, but that was about it.  Plus, it will be really good for him to be able to have someone to burn some energy off with.

Now, to name this little guy… ’cause I have to tell you, he’s currently carrying around the same name as my dad and father-in-law… that’s not going to cut it.  (Think I Love Lucy when the dog Fred is missing and everyone is getting confused because the man Fred doesn’t know when they are or are not calling him instead of the dog.)