New Laptop Skin So, the new laptop, right? The lid of it is black and way shiny. Seriously, like a mirror.  It was so shiny, it was a problem.

Kayleigh used to bang on my old laptop’s lid while it was open.  I don’t think it suffered any problems because of this, and of course, the screen works fine, but I’m always paranoid.  I was hoping she wouldn’t bang on this one, it didn’t have some pretty picture on it.  (The old one.)  But the mirror proved too much for her to resist.  When she was out playing, she was always over here, looking at it, touching it, rubbing it, pulling the power cord out (ugh), etc.  Already there’s a little tiny scratch.  So I figured, ok, suck it up and buy a skin.

Took me a long time to get it done, or at least a long time by my scrapping standards.  I had a different theme in mind but couldn’t find the right photos so I pushed Stacey to getting photos of the kids.  It’s really hard to get good pictures of Kayleigh where she’s looking and smiling – really, that’s a major feat.  I didn’t want to use the last good picture of them, mainly because it’s on canvas and I already see it several times a day.  So I finally got a picture of the two of them, didn’t even have to do any face swaps.  However, I did have to remove my arm and part of my foot from the photo!  My kids for ya.  Kayleigh was constantly on the move, as usual, you can’t keep her attention for more than a quarter of a second, I am not kidding.  And Elijah, bless his heart, was trying so hard… too hard.  He ends up trying to hold Kayleigh there then they end up looking so silly because he’s holding down her arms or legs or whatever and she’s screaming to be released.

Once I got the dimensions right of the file and figured out where they were going to cut the hole for the Dell logo, it was easy, it really all fell together.  I love it.  The only problem is that I got lots of bubbles in it this time.  Been a while since I looked at the old one, but I don’t remember having but maybe one small bubble.  This one has several and a few creases now where I tried to get the bubbles out but it would only go so far.  Not sure why this one should have been harder to apply.

And the best part?  Kayleigh hasn’t beat up my laptop at all since I got it.  She has pulled out the cord once or twice but I think at least once of those times was an accident.  Instead, she comes over, points at herself or lightly touches it, and does her little, “ah-ha-ha” talking thing.  Or “ah-who-who.”  Then she moves on her way…  Score.  This, however, does not solve the problem of if I leave it unattended while she’s out to play that she’ll pick up my mouse and throw it…