the referee

Seems all I’ve done lately is referee.

Elijah and Kayleigh

Kayleigh and Elijah

Elijah and the dog

Kayleigh and the dog

The dog and the house

The list goes on.  It’s especially chaotic when all three are out, awake, and running around.  The puppy is biting Elijah.  Elijah can’t seem to effectively tell him “no” or disconnect him from his shorts.  Kayleigh is stealing the puppy’s toys and the puppy is biting her in the butt.  Newest development is her extending her hand for him to chew on and then laughing hilariously.  Yeah, that really helps me train him not to chew on things that aren’t his toys!  The puppy is grabbing toys left and right because children don’t listen to me when I say to pick them up.  This one’s yelling, that one’s yelling, and the other one is barking.

I really thought I was going to go crazy earlier.  Kayleigh went to bed at 7pm because I was just going nuts.  I made Elijah sit down and not say a word for a solid five minutes then I sent him off to the other room to play.  Finally was able to relax after all day of chaos.  Kayleigh already has to be monitored constantly while she’s out to play because she just gets into everything.  I also have to play by her rules, sit where she wants, hold her toys at the level she requires so she can play with them the way she wants.  Oh, if that child could talk, I think we wouldn’t let her get away with bossing us around so much!  Now this puppy has to be monitored constantly while he’s out lest he eat all of K’s 101 pieces of play food!

Gotta love them though…  I’ve had next to no time to get anything done, formulate any responses to people…  As usual, my most productive times are after they’re in bed.  Unfortunately for me, the puppy gets up pretty early and I’ve been trying to go to bed earlier anyway.  So my time is really limited.  I’m glad I caught up on all my big jobs and sessions to date the day before we got the puppy!  Now we just had one yesterday and I finished the images a few minutes ago.  Not too shabby when you do it right the first time and you’re caught up on other things.

Some sweet boys…

Liam, Chase, Kellan

Intrust Domains

Oh my goodness, these people are driving me ABSOLUTELY CRAZY with their constant emails.  It would be like any other spam, but it keeps coming to my inbox where I actually have to see it.

I run and/or host lots of other domains than my own.  This one in particular is for a non-profit organization and the domain ends in an “s” (plural).  A couple of weeks ago I started getting emails from this place called Intrust Domains informing me that the domain without the “s”on the end was soon coming up for auction, or some crap like that.  I deleted the first few, “like, whatever,” but they kept emailing me  The emails claimed there was a similar domain to mine going up for auction and if I’m interested I should click a link and then “if you don’t want business proposals like this one, click” this link.  I finally figured what the heck, they were emailing me constantly anyway, so I clicked the unsubscribe link twice.  It gave me confirmation that I had been unsubscribed, yet the emails continued.  I started replying to them requesting they unsubscribe me that I do not want the domain and then I even filled out the quote form telling them I’d pay $0 for the domain and please unsubscribe me.  Finally, I filled out the FTC complaint form for spam.

Then I finally got a chance to Google.  Turns out, these guys aren’t just insanely annoying and rude, they’re scammers, too.  Looks like they will  typically sell a “back order” of a domain to people for an amount such as $69 then when they obtain the domain after expiration, will turn around and sell it to the highest bidder, despite people already having paid money on a domain they are not informed that they are not the highest bidder or that other people can also back order the same domain.  I was also reading reports where they have gotten a bit of interest from a potential customer on a domain and after obtaining the domain, despite not being in contract with that person, have started billing them and harassing them for money.  Probably when their “highest bidder” backs out.  Of course, a lot of people seem to have the impression that there’s no real “highest bidder” but that it’s all in company, that they’re just trying to get more money.

So if the inability to unsubscribe from their constant emails didn’t tip you off, by now you should know to stay away, these guys are shady!  The most recent email I got from them was different, too, the guy tells me he knows I’ve been in contact with “Alex” and “Lynn” and that he wanted to remind me that the auction on this domain ends tomorrow.  Yes, I have been in contact with them, telling them to leave me alone!  I hope that the “auction” really does end tomorrow and that they will stop emailing me.

What’s really interesting, too, is that the domain they are trying to push on me is kind of specialized, I don’t know why it would be registered in the first place unless they registered it just in the hopes of selling it to me for an exorbitant amount of money!

Editing to add that the “auction” has now ended and they emailed me again that “good news, you can buy this domain!”  If I click their page, it shows me that I can buy the domain that was supposedly auctioned off today for $400.  Well, woohoo.  I can now buy a domain for $400 that I have told them repeatedly that I don’t want.  Yay.


So we’ve now got our little guy and he is, of course, so sweet.  Heading to bed soon but here are some pics:

Elijah & Patton Patton

He’s gonna be a good boy.  The 3 and a half hour drive went well for him and so far no accidents in the house, a bit of chewing, of course, but he’s already learned that one certain toy is his and he seems to like it.  Has himself a little crate that we originally had for the ferret and cat many moons ago and he didn’t like it at first at all, but a bit ago when I put him in his little fenced area in the middle room of the house, he walked himself into the crate and laid down.  He cried after that though, so not sure how the night is gonna go.  We’ll see…  But I am EXHAUSTED.  Everyone else is in bed already and he’s passed out on top of his toy next to me on the couch.  So bed time!

I promised myself I’d never be THAT mom…

Annnnnd today I was.

You know, kids these days, they do too much. So many parents are running themselves crazy trying to get them to every little activity under the sun. I promised myself I’d never be that parent, that my kids would only be involved in what they are really interested in and what is appropriate for their age and involved in things that do not conflict with… well, life!

Really, Elijah doesn’t do all that much.  He’s got church and the occasional thing with friends, 4-H as of last year, and swimming lesson as of a few months ago.  But, unfortunately, 4-H and swimming conflicted for the first time earlier tonight.  Elijah made a bird house with his grandfather for the fair and it had to be on display at the 4-H chicken dinner (which I totally was not able to volunteer with unlike all the other parents, ugh) and then go to the county fair.  It’s a bit of a pain in the butt.  Had to drop it off Wednesday at  our VFW between the hours of 4 and 6 only then had to pick it up Thursday AT 6 and take it to the county fair building.  Sounds simple enough, but swimming this week was Thursday from 5 to 6.  Elijah freaked at the thought of having to leave swimming early and they’d told me that if I didn’t get the birdhouse at the right time, they wouldn’t be there anymore for me to get it and he’d forfeit any “premiums” (whatever those are) and I guess it wouldn’t get displayed at the county fair.  So it was Sarah to the rescue.

She met us at the community center after work.  I paid for her to come swimming and we had gotten in early at 4 (yes, me too, for exercise), she got there about 430.  I got out at 515 and showered and dressed, picked Kayleigh up at the tot drop (she didn’t like swimming the one time I took her with us) then we left Elijah and Sarah there.  On the way to the VFW I called and ordered pizza for dinner.  Had to get Kayleigh out at the VFW and go in and wait a bit.  Then they said to take the birdhouse so I started to and saw that there was no ribbon attached.  I knew he was supposed to get one, in his age group they all get one – next year that won’t be the case (I think) – and he’s always saying he never wins anything, so I’m letting him think he won this ribbon.  No harm, no foul.  And I understand that people forget things, but, go figure, it would be me that has to wait because we were forgotten.  (Murphy’s Law.)  Got the ribbon and had to carry K and the birdhouse and stuff back to the Jeep and put them all in.  Then to the youth building, practically down the street, where I had to get K and the birdhouse out again and go inside where…  of course… no one knew where I was supposed to put the blasted thing!  And, as is typical, the second person I asked told me to ask the first person I asked…  Finally, the fourth person knew.  She also told me when to pick it up… and yay.  That’s going to pose another problem.  Sigh.

But finally that was done.  I went back to the house and waited for Sarah and Elijah and when they showed up, I let them in and passed K off to Sarah and left again to pick up the pizza!

That all wore me out… yet, here I am, at 1 am, just finishing up editing a photo shoot.  Some certain people had better love me lots and lots because said photo shoot was only on Tuesday… I worked fast!

The art of being busy, right?  And it all starts over in T-minus 3 hours 20 minutes…

Well, either way, up there we have a pic of E with his ribbon and a bad cell phone pic of him with his eyes closed and his bird house.  He and grandpa did a great job on that bird house.  It wasn’t a kit or anything, I printed out plans from the internet and they picked one out and went for it.  I was unable to get to see them do any of it and certain other people failed to get photos for me (ahem, haha) but hopefully when we get it back, we’ll get a good pic of him and Grandpa with it.

Normally, I might say no we are too busy but I really thought it would be good for Elijah to get to do something like that with Grandpa and good for him to have something in the fair.  Of course, now that it’s been built for a week and a half, he acts like he doesn’t care about it anymore.  Guess we’ll hang it out at Grandpa and Grandma’s when we get it back… since our few trees seem to keep dying lately…