Well, I’m broken again. In my back this time. Can hardly move, it’s hardest to change positions. Went to a massage therapist today, she says my pelvis is misaligned. Showed me some stretches and what not. I really should be going regular, especially after a wedding, cause those kick butt. Stacey thinks I probably hurt myself at the last wedding Saturday as I started hurting Monday when I woke up. I guess I wouldn’t be surprised. I think the massage helped this morning but I’ve now been having to sit in the car waiting for like an hour and a half (long story) and I’m afraid this is undoing everything. We’ll see, hopefully we’ll be home soon. Thank goodness for people like Sarah and Stacey who are caring for me. I feel so useless…


Yup.  I made it.  I’ve been 30 now for a whole two hours in… now.

Don’t feel any different, not sure what people get so freaked out about.  Granted, I didn’t like that grey eye brow hair the other day, but I took care of that.  Out of sight, out of mind.

Had a good evening with Kate and Stacey and was also joined by my parents-in-law and Sarah.  Elijah was upset when he had to go to bed at 9, he thought we were partying big time.  I guess he called it right… Chinese food, Mountain Dew, cheesecake, movies, and good family and friends, that is a party.

And now, my friends, ’tis time for bed.  Busy day tomorrow.