Christmas week

Today was the first day I’ve had in a long time where I didn’t leave the house!  Yay!  Well, Elijah and I did take trash down to the end of the drive, but that’s as far as I went.  This has been the busiest week of my life.  Not in a bad way, though!  Lots of good things.

Monday I got to see my girls Kate & Carrie for our bi-annual dinner.  Much fun – nice evening, good food, no screaming kids.  :)

Tuesday I endured lots of screaming kids.  That was the night of the Santa photo but that wasn’t it – there was also a large lights display that the kids liked (though I think they tired of it quickly on) and dinner with my good friend of over 18 years (omg, I had to think about that one, am I really that old???) and her one-year-old as well.  An interesting dinner consisting of Kayleigh being the ultimate ham and climbing on the table not once, oh no, but twice.


naked soap

Naked SoapSo, this is actually something I’ve meant to talk about for quite a while.  My dear friend Marie’s business is called Naked Soap and I have to say… I love her stuff.

She’s also helped me out a lot this year in making gifts for my aunts and cousins.  We’ve put together a little bag for each containing a bar of soap, body cream, and a body spray.  I’ve also added a small candle that I’ve made.  I only wish I’d had time (or been able to get my act together enough) to crochet up some wash cloths to go along with these.

Marie calls her soap “Naked Soap” because she uses only the basest of ingredients.  There’s nothing unnecessary in there and she doesn’t even use a pre-made base, everything is made from scratch using all natural ingredients such as goat’s milk.  She’s also got body butters seasonally, bath salts, bath melts, and sugar scrubs.

In fact, I’ve been using Marie’s soap almost exclusively for about a year now.  I love the way it makes my skin feel – clean but not dry and not greasy.  The scents are wonderful, too.  The scent going to my family this year is Green Tea & Ginger.  Looove it.  She was so kind as to give me my own body cream (actually forgot to order something for myself this time around, ha) and I put it on my… um, winter knees… earlier and it’s already made a difference in that skin.  Feels great and the scent is nice and not over-powering (which is sometimes a downfall of an otherwise good lotion).

So, I know, it’s too late for Christmas this year, but check it out!  :)


It’s been like dueling viruses around here lately.  First, the I-am-sick type, with me, E, and K with this thing that started with cold symptoms but brought the joy of diarrhea with it.  Kayleigh had it the worst and ended up having diarrhea allllllll over the floor in one of the waiting rooms at the hospital when we were there for her kidney ultrasound.  That was horrible, absolutely horrible, it was just all over the floor and she was screaming, etc.  Thankfully it wasn’t on carpet and we were the only ones in that little room.

But what was really stupid was that I was already on antibiotics for my sinuses.  I was having some horrible headaches that I am now sure were sinus troubles and the doc gave me antibiotics to get them to drain.  They are still draining, it’s been weeks now, but I haven’t had that strange headache in almost a week now.  So I think that’s a fair trade.  Those headaches suck.  Really bad.  Whenever I’d lay down I thought my head was going to explode.

Then a week and a day after that, it was a computer virus.  My fault, really.  I wasn’t paying attention and I said “allow” instead of “delete, delete, delete omg delete!”  And within a few minutes it had completely wiped out my hard drive.  Good thing I’m pretty good at backing up and I only lost 2 weeks of email and some pictures I’d taken of a house that I can (and still need to) retake.  But still, a big pain in the butt and once you reformat a computer for the first time, it’s never quite the same.  Got some weird things happening when I reboot that I can’t figure out.  For the most part, just a big inconvenience that makes me feel really stupid.

Had to get the computer back in shape as quickly as possible, too, ’cause tomorrow I get to digiscrap with the wonderful Kate!  Yay!!