naked soap

Naked SoapSo, this is actually something I’ve meant to talk about for quite a while.  My dear friend Marie’s business is called Naked Soap and I have to say… I love her stuff.

She’s also helped me out a lot this year in making gifts for my aunts and cousins.  We’ve put together a little bag for each containing a bar of soap, body cream, and a body spray.  I’ve also added a small candle that I’ve made.  I only wish I’d had time (or been able to get my act together enough) to crochet up some wash cloths to go along with these.

Marie calls her soap “Naked Soap” because she uses only the basest of ingredients.  There’s nothing unnecessary in there and she doesn’t even use a pre-made base, everything is made from scratch using all natural ingredients such as goat’s milk.  She’s also got body butters seasonally, bath salts, bath melts, and sugar scrubs.

In fact, I’ve been using Marie’s soap almost exclusively for about a year now.  I love the way it makes my skin feel – clean but not dry and not greasy.  The scents are wonderful, too.  The scent going to my family this year is Green Tea & Ginger.  Looove it.  She was so kind as to give me my own body cream (actually forgot to order something for myself this time around, ha) and I put it on my… um, winter knees… earlier and it’s already made a difference in that skin.  Feels great and the scent is nice and not over-powering (which is sometimes a downfall of an otherwise good lotion).

So, I know, it’s too late for Christmas this year, but check it out!  :)