not so lost anymore…

So, Lost.  Yeah, that show that ran from 2004 to 2010?  Right, that one.  I never got to watch it.  Nope, I tried watching the season premiere of either season 2 or 3 but I was… well… lost.  So I figured one day I’d catch it in re-runs.

Thanks to amazon streaming video that comes with my Prime membership, I am finally getting that opportunity.  I see why people wouldn’t shut-up about this show.  :)

I’m on episode 18 now.  Love being able to watch these on either my laptop or the Kindle and completely without commercials or other ads.  Unless I have a crappy internet connection, which apparently happens sometimes at the community center, the videos play seamlessly and without interruption.

So now I’m not so lost anymore.

I know I’m behind the times on a lot of things, but I think I love doing it this way.  I did this with Harry Potter.  Only read the books last year, and watched the movies.  Like Lost, it’s hard to jump into the middle of the story with that one.  When I’d already missed the first one, then the second, I avoided all the others until I got a chance to start at the beginning.  I ended up borrowing books and buying used DVDs.  I read the book then watched the DVD with Elijah and, often, Sarah.  Nice doing it that way, I can just move from one to the next, no waiting!  Did the same thing with The Hunger Games.

So, yay, me.  Ha, that’s all that’s new right now…

more at&t frustration

It’s been a long time since I’ve had to complain about AT&T but I have to tell you, cell phone companies are the biggest joke known to man.

It all started when some guys at work told Steve that he’s eligible for a discount through his employer.  He kept telling me to do that… ha.  I kept saying “YOU need to find out how,” and he finally did.  Just take a paycheck stub into one of the stores, he was told.  So last Sunday we went in there together but it was just as I predicted…

The account we had was the same one Steve first got in early 1999.  Somewhere along the line, I believe when we added my phone, so around 10 years ago, someone with AT&T screwed up and the account changed over to have my name on it, Steve’s nowhere to be found.  It was never a problem though, so I never said anything about it.  But, of course, because it was his paycheck stub and his discount and my account… no dice.  So the guy in there is telling us we can change the name on the account… for $18 a line.  Let’s see, $18 a line times 5 lines… oh, yeah, $90.  Not happening. (more…)

welcome to 2012

Well, it’s January and we are back at life full swing.  Elijah’s time swimming has tripled now, since he’s officially part of the Swim Team, as opposed to just having lessons.  So he’s with more kids now and learning more things, starting to learn to race.  I don’t mind the extra time so much, it’s right here in town and after the first half hour, I get to drop Kayleigh in the tot-drop when that opens back up and I sit in the lobby, entertaining myself…  I usually read my Kindle Fire and crochet.  Yes, I said “and.”  I’m cool like that.  The other day I even did paperwork on my laptop with the Kindle next to it and a movie playing, earbuds in my ears.  It actually helped me concentrate and I got a lot of the work done and most of my movie watched.  This gives me some peace and quiet for a little bit, some time to myself, and I sit where I can watch Elijah swim and can turn around and check on Kayleigh through the glass in the playroom.  She likes going in the playroom now, at first it was a battle, but I think she’s getting to know some of the staff and just plain enjoying it better.  We went in a few minutes early last time and right away she opened a drawer in the desk, got a coloring sheet, grabbed some crayons, and went to the little art table to scribble.  I especially like when Steve’s first cousin is the one watching her.

Speaking of paperwork, the stuff I’m doing is for the office I’ve been doing computer tech for the last 7 years, off and on, and when needed, filling in for their secretary.  Their last secretary left a few months ago, though, and despite being asked to take her place, I just can’t commit to a job like that.  For one, I think it’s just too far to drive regularly, in between that and paying childcare, I’d probably be paying to work.  So after a couple of months, we agreed that when I’m in the area, they could pass me some paperwork, usually stuff to simply transcribe, and I could do it at home for an hourly wage.  It’s easy stuff for me, just, so far, completely time consuming.  Right now it’s all stuff for taxes.

Taxes… yes, it’s that time again.  Sigh.  I hate tax time.  I’m also closing down, more accurately, have already closed down my candle business.  I don’t have enough time and they are so heavy, shipping keeps going up, among other reasons, it’s just time to move on.  I made a point of closing it out before the end of the year.  I still have to file my sales tax.  The state of Missouri is going to love getting my check for $1.21.  All of my orders were out of state except one this year.

I also have a new venture… maybe two… what is wrong with me!?

Finally, weight loss.  So happy here.  I am officially down 40 lbs and I’m not the only one noticing anymore.  The downside is that I’m almost needing to buy new jeans.  Ironic, isn’t it?  You’d think I’d be dying to buy new clothes.  But I have no intentions on stopping here and I had to spend any money on clothes that I’ll probably not be wearing for very long.  I need to go through my closet and see if anything survived the closet purges of a couple of years ago.  But the jeans that were once tight are now almost falling off of me.  I guess I could get a belt, but I hate belts.  I could actually probably be down another 10 lbs already but I keep screwing up.  I had too many carbs the other day and let’s just say whoa.  Totally not used to that anymore and I got sick.  I really didn’t even have that much.  Well, I expect it to get easier all the time, to stay on track.  There are some things I really miss, like Chinese food and pasta, of course.  But some day I can have them again…