not so lost anymore…

So, Lost.  Yeah, that show that ran from 2004 to 2010?  Right, that one.  I never got to watch it.  Nope, I tried watching the season premiere of either season 2 or 3 but I was… well… lost.  So I figured one day I’d catch it in re-runs.

Thanks to amazon streaming video that comes with my Prime membership, I am finally getting that opportunity.  I see why people wouldn’t shut-up about this show.  :)

I’m on episode 18 now.  Love being able to watch these on either my laptop or the Kindle and completely without commercials or other ads.  Unless I have a crappy internet connection, which apparently happens sometimes at the community center, the videos play seamlessly and without interruption.

So now I’m not so lost anymore.

I know I’m behind the times on a lot of things, but I think I love doing it this way.  I did this with Harry Potter.  Only read the books last year, and watched the movies.  Like Lost, it’s hard to jump into the middle of the story with that one.  When I’d already missed the first one, then the second, I avoided all the others until I got a chance to start at the beginning.  I ended up borrowing books and buying used DVDs.  I read the book then watched the DVD with Elijah and, often, Sarah.  Nice doing it that way, I can just move from one to the next, no waiting!  Did the same thing with The Hunger Games.

So, yay, me.  Ha, that’s all that’s new right now…