What the heck, Photobook America??

FYI: Photobook America’s software for designing a book is PURE CRAP.

Enough said.


After I use these Groupons, I think I won’t be buying here anymore.  Sheesh.

Editing to add:

1. apparently it’s Photobook Worldwide and these buggers are shipping from Malaysia hence the outrageous shipping prices I have to pay.

2. Took me over 24 hours to get the last book to get all the images uploaded, and no, it was not my problem.

3. And now, with the end in sight and the last book ready to go, their site is having MySQL errors and I can’t order.  (And this is not the first time I’ve gotten these ridiculous errors in the last few days.)

I’m sooooo over this…


So so cold out there.  Of course, it’s better now than it was this morning but still cold enough that the two boys that came over to play with Elijah say they just want to stay inside.  This morning was not real fun.  I rushed around to get ready for a vet appointment for Patton and then immediately to swim team practice but when I went out to start the Jeep… it wouldn’t.  I gave up after about 8 tries.  It’s a diesel thing and we’re missing something that helps it start when it’s cold… or something.  But I totally forgot until it was too late, that I can plug it into an outlet.  Oops.  Ended up canceling the vet appointment and my in-laws came in and took Elijah to swimming.

My parents arrived while they were gone and took apart and away with my elliptical that I hate.  Mom was wanting one and I think I’m a bad fit for mine, so she took it.  I don’t know what it is, really, I’d do 45 minutes at the gym but this thing killed me early on, never could figure it out and just quit trying.  Oh well!  I need the space anyway.  That’s the first step to organizing our bedroom.  Next is that mess of books and getting rid of that stupid little desk up there.

Sitting here scanning my parents’ wedding pictures now.  I only have one picture and need more for the family history book I’m working on for my kids.  I’m in the end stages, I can taste it.  And I have to get finished within the next 2 weeks or I lose the money I paid toward them on a Groupon.  Yes, I have slacked off for nearly a year.  But we’re getting there.  I started scrapbooking every page but that’s just taking forever so I think I’m going to just make them all just pictures and text on backgrounds.  Re-thinking having every family group a different background, too.  But that’s something easy to change later.  This is a big job though, figured I might as well scan all of them while I’m at it.  My parents’ shouldn’t be too hard, these pages come out easily and I think I can peel back the plastic on all of them, but I’m not sure yet how I’m going to do Steve’s parents’ which is sitting in the other room for now.  However, the photos from my parents’ are textured and that is making them difficult to scan.  Sigh.

So sleepy though… every day here recently.  I hate being sleepy!

Kayleigh now starts school within a few days after her birthday in April.  It’s weirding me out a bit!