working harder than he did at work

So Steve’s all about how he’s working harder now that he’s laid off, than he did in the last 15 months at work.  When I give him a look he says, “you gotta understand, I was a foreman for a lot of that, too.”  Like that’s any excuse.  ;-)

But he’s got the fence up now, almost finished.  It’s all enclosed and the dog’s been able to run (and he LOVES it) but part of it is a temporary section because he’d run out of the same type, so he grabbed some unused stuff from his parents’ for the time being.  I think by tonight that will be all fixed, though.  My brother built a gate and is bringing it down, they’re going to quote a fence for one of Steve’s brothers then put the gate up here.  I think it will be big enough that he can get his truck out of the yard… if it ever gets running again.

He’s also been cleaning up the patio and yard.  Looks good now.  Got all the dead leaves out from places like under the trees (trees that look like bushes because of their low branches) and the patio and flower boxes and hauled all that off earlier this morning.  Yesterday he took all the recycling off.  It’s built up because we’d bag it and take it out (nowhere to put it in the house) but he didn’t have any time or way to haul it off with the truck busted.  He’s using my parents’ trailer right now.

It’s all so good that this morning, while he was cleaning up the leaves, we were actually able to let Kayleigh and the dog play out there with Elijah for a while.  However, Kayleigh has already figured out how to open the gate, so Steve’s also worked up a lock for it.  But she and the dog were able to run around and chase balls and she rode her little scooter and played.  No fear she’d run off and get lost or get in the highway!

Steve bought some broccoli and tomato plants and I was going to plan them this morning but we realized there was nowhere to plant them.  He’d thought to put them in the back box in the patio but the lilies I planted last year are coming up again and I do NOT want to try to move them.  Plus, apparently broccoli has to be spaced pretty far apart.  I really hope the lilies bloom this year.  They were from 4-H fundraising and “guaranteed” to bloom but never did.  Actually, of the 5 I planted, I think only 3 grew into plants.  This year, however, it looks like all 5 might be growing.  I really really hope they bloom!

The yard looks so strange with a fence, I’m still not used to it.  And, you know, chain link isn’t all that pretty, even in black… but the safety and enjoyment of my children and our dog is way more important.