not a good day for electronics

Jon & Sheila Not a good week, for that matter.  I’ve dropped my phone five thousand times this week, it seems.  But this morning really took the cake.

We had a photo shoot early this morning with my wonderful sister and brother-in-law who agreed to be our models over the course of two days to get some “Mess the Dress” type shots.  Also included this morning: a horse and the creek.

I wore Steve’s boots which was really a good idea because originally I thought I’d wear my Crocs as I did last time I was in this creek, but I didn’t account for the 40 degree morning or the fact that the creek was running hard and fast and twice as deep as it was last time (though still not quite to knee-depth at the deepest that I had to go to) and that I was going to have to get in it a lot further than before.

When I got home, Steve said, “so how did the boots do?”  I said, “Good… until I fell in.”

Of course, he laughed hilariously until he found out one of my cameras went in with me.

I was taking it so so so very slow and I knew I was going down a slope but despite being careful, my feet slid out from under me.  In pure reaction, however, the camera in my right hand, which also had my most common lens and my flash on it, went straight up in the air.  The one I was wearing on my left hip though, went down, way down.  My cell phone was in one pocket, and my remote unlock key thing for the Jeep in my other.  Thankfully those two items were ok but I think the camera might be done for.

Water was just draining out of it, out of the battery compartment, mostly.  The lens looked ok at first, just wet on the glass but after I got home I could tell it was fogged from the inside.  NOT GOOD.  I just bought that lens 4 days ago.  This was my second time using it.  So both pieces are now sitting in a bowl of rice, inside a large Ziploc bag, with the whole thing in the fridge.  Doing best I can to try and draw out any water.  So I guess we shall see what we shall see.

The good news was that the one that went into the water was my backup camera, not my main one, and also good news was that I was able to dry off the memory card and get the photos off of there.  I’d have been pretty upset if I’d lost those, too, even though I had the ones from the other camera.

Just leaves me wondering where to go from here.  We do have liability insurance but not sure if claiming would be worth it to us but I at least need another backup… for obvious reasons.  I swear I’ve been extra klutzy lately and I don’t know why.

Then I took my laptop out to my in-laws this afternoon and evening, did I mention my sister and brother-in-law are in from the East Coast?  So we hung out and at times looked at some of the pictures, I edited a few, etc.  When I got home, I opened the back door of the Jeep and… yup.  My laptop crashed out.  Oops again!!  I’m using it now though so it’s fine but I about had a heart attack because when I went to put it on the tray I use, I grabbed it where the battery is… or usually is… and my hand found the spot with no battery and my brain did flip flops until I got the battery back in and everything worked.  Sheesh.

And you know?  Right before I went down in the creek, I was talking to one of our day’s assistants about how horrible that would be.  Go figure.  Sigh.

But the two day shoot went SPLENDID and I have LOTS of wonderful photos to work on.  And we are so grateful to the people who helped us pull this together.  And even though the water in the creek was warmer than the air… it was FRIGGIN COLD.  At first, anyway, that first shock to my system was very scary, haha!  Ah, the things we do for art.  I then froze for a while and the funniest thing was the nasty water that came out of those boots — the insoles turned it grey.  GROWW-DEE.